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3 Consumer Product Brands that Leveraged Instagram to Increase Business

Instagram may have been for personal use, but it has traversed to a place much higher, more prominent, and better than what was planned for earlier. Due to its global presence and a user base of 1 billion, Instagram is a platform that shouts engagement like no one else.

With this in mind, brands from all across the globe are leveraging Instagram to:

  • Socialise with their audiences

  • Enhance their brand awareness

  • Introduce new products

Adding to this, Instagram is a place where more than 50% of the active users pay a visit to their profile every day. The ability of Instagram to generate awareness and stimulate a response from the audience is both easy and highly potent.

In this article, we are going to talk about three consumer products brands whose motive was to begin engagement and create awareness. Let’s find out how they went about using Instagram and did the results match the goals.

Consumer Products Brands in APAC that aced Instagram Marketing


Target Region and Audience: Korean Women: Age 18 to 34


Since Memebox had launched a new product, they drafted this campaign to increase their brand awareness and increase the sales of the primary product.


Memebox’s Instagram was a benchmarking success, and the product became an instant hit with the audiences, which led to an increase in Instagram and Facebook led sales by 73%.


In the earlier campaigns run by Memebox, they only worked with purchase conversion campaigns. However, this time, the brand wanted to analyse the shift in brand awareness due to Instagram. So, they ran two simultaneous campaigns, one for awareness and the other for conversions.

Also, they changed how the ads were shown to the users. In the previous campaigns, the ad video resolution and time was fixed to 16:9 and 30 seconds, respectively. But this time, they changed the video ads ratio to fit the mobile screen and also ran Instagram stories along with videos.

The videos were prompting and had interactive features which enticed the users to engage with the ad on a better level.

Buyer’s Journey Targeted:

Following the reach and frequency buying version of ads, Memebox first targeted all the potential women, customers, in the set age group (Awareness). These women were shown video ads that highlighted the product features.

Those who engaged with the ads were then handpicked, and they were sent follow up video ads with sales-ready offers to encourage purchases (Conversion)

The Instagram stories’ swipe up was linked with the company’s website, and they also used a model to enhance the product features further.

Did they Succeed?

Remarkably Yes. Not only was Memebox able to increase their sales, but they also observed a 3.9 point increase in purchase intent. Compared to the previous campaigns, this time, there was a reduction in the purchase conversion rate by 15%.

Products Used:

Instagram Story Ads and Video Ads.

Carbon CoCo

Target Audience and Region: Australian and US residents aged between 16 to 35


The motive was to effectuate an increase in the sales among the target audience for their product in a new market.


Tracking the performance of Carbon CoCo, these guys used a new and innovative approach which led to an increase in sales by 22%.


Three things are noteworthy here which Carbon CoCo used to realise these results. They used Instagram Stories to run ads in carousel format and provided value optimisation with a purpose to connect with the users effectively.

The whole campaign ran for a whopping four months, and in this time, they raised awareness to such an extent that the brands reached out to 37.8 million potential customers.

Buyer’s Journey Targeted:

The entire campaign was beautifully designed to get positive and such amazing results. Initially, Carbon CoCo ran three different types of ads in the carousel format with Instagram Stories.

The motive here was to create awareness, that is true. But they also wanted to strike a deeper chord with the audience. That is why the carousel ads to show video reviews and features of the product.

In the next leg of the campaign, Carbon CoCo changed their content and made it more likeable so that the already engaged audience can understand and make a purchase. In this leg, the stories had the swipe up CTA, which led them to the website to make a purchase.

Did They Succeed?

Even though it was a new approach, the results accrued by the brand were fantastic. They saw an increase in sales and got a potential customer of 37.8 million. Along with it, the brand also cherished 21% higher return on ad spend.

Products Used: Carousel Ads, Instagram Stories, and Video Ads.


Target Audience and Region: Japanese Women aged between 18 to 29


Kao had launched a new hair care product, and for this, they wanted to try advertising through a digital channel for reaching out to the younger population. The ultimate aim was to expand the market presence.


Looking at the goal and an entirely new product launch, Kao’s Instagram campaign can be called an overarching success. They were able to increase brand awareness by 10-point and notice a 1.5 increase with in-store sales.


Kao did not follow the “just go with it” approach to run their ad campaigns. Instead, they went with Instagram and Facebook for their new products after a detailed analysis.

Earlier the primary advertisement conduit for Kao was TV ads. The switch to Instagram was done primarily for their younger audience. Reason being, the younger audience is more active on social media, and they have a lower attention span, both a survey backed the claims.

Their videos were fun, interactive, and had a story format with fictional characters (Pyuan of Green Gables). They used video ads and story ads, but instead of showing just videos, Kao also ran GIF images. The ads were made to show the myriad of benefits of using the products, and all the campaigns went ahead with the “cleansing life” tagline.

Did they Succeed?

Yes, Kao’s motive to motivate the users to add Puyan to their lives was a great success. Due to these ads, they saw an increase in in-store sales and experienced brand awareness.


Did you notice the common link between the advertisement campaigns among all the three brands? All of them did not follow the herd. Instead, they used some innovative approaches to enhance their advertisement campaigns. Due to this, the results accrued were fantastic and highly beneficial for the brands.



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