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3 E-commerce Brands That Raised The Heat With Their Facebook Campaigns

The global e-commerce market size was estimated to be worth $9.09 trillion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a high CAGR of 14.7% between 2020 to 2027 to reach $10.42 trillion. While the ever-increasing internet penetration and bolstered smartphone usage across the world have a big role to play in the growth of e-commerce, the increase in online purchases during COVID-19-led global lockdowns also had a significant impact on the success of e-commerce brands.

However, in an industry that is as competitive as the e-commerce sector, brands need to be forever on their toes to retain their existing customers and acquire new clients. But with a plethora of marketing avenues available today, e-commerce brands can successfully navigate through these challenges posed by rival brands, just like these three brands did through their compelling Facebook campaigns.


Indian fashion and lifestyle e-commerce startup, develops creative and distinctive fashion products for trendy Indians at affordable prices while keeping a tab on its environmental footprint.

Their Objective sought to maximize its reach and acquire new customers online while boosting its ROAS and reducing its CPA.

Approach & Solution ran dynamic ads for broad audiences on Facebook and Instagram to ramp up customer acquisition. These ads automatically showed relevant products to shoppers based on their interests and browsing history on Facebook, thereby, optimizing the campaign’s performance.

The e-commerce brand reached out to people between the age of 15-25 in India. It served the photo ads by using the carousel ad format with a clear CTA to encourage purchase. Also, the brand used the website Custom Audiences to reconnect with people who had viewed’s products online but hadn’t added any items to their online shopping carts or purchased anything in the last 10 days.

The Result

The Facebook campaign helped attain all its goals. The campaign reached 40% more people than the previous campaign where no dynamic ads were used. These ads were viewed by more than four million people every day. The campaign also led to an 8x return on ad spending at a 40% lower CPA than the previous campaign where no dynamic ads were used. Also, there was a 3x increase in business volume compared to the previous campaign without dynamic ads.

2. Snocks

Snocks is an e-commerce platform that started by selling simple sneaker socks and gradually grew its range to include different types of socks, along with t-shirts, underwear, and hoodies.

Their Objective

As a young business that had just started out, Snocks sought to drive its sales and grow its business with a Facebook ad campaign.

Approach & Solution

Snocks joined hands with Mawave Marketing to run a three-month campaign that focused on identifying high-value customers. Since the campaign was targeted at broad German and Austrian audiences, Snocks could easily find people who were likely to be interested in their products even if they hadn’t visited their site before.

Along with Mawave Marketing, Snocks also tried out various lookalike audiences based on customers with high basket value, returning customers, and buyers of specific products. To encourage these people to explore their products and make a purchase, Mawave Marketing came up with eye-catching ads that showcased the company’s range in collection and carousel format, along with Instant Experiences.

With reach and frequency bidding, Snocks ensured that its ads were seen multiple times by a wide audience at a reasonable cost. They also retargeted their ads to Custom Audiences of people who had visited the site or added products to their cart, reminding them of the products that they had considered and encouraging them to go ahead with their purchase.

The Result

Snocks’ Facebook campaign brought their brand to the attention of a wide and relevant audience that compelled people to purchase from them. The campaign resulted in 98% sales from new customers and over €1 million monthly revenues. Thus, Snocks registered a 4.2X hike in its sales in comparison to the previous quarter.

3. MyGlamm

MyGlamm is a European e-commerce beauty brand that formulates and develops its products in Italy and Germany with skin-friendly ingredients.

Their Objective

MyGlamm sought to drive its online sales and acquire new customers at a lower cost per sales conversion.

Approach & Solution

To maximize its sales conversions, MyGlamm adopted a highly effective solution to reach both its existing and potential customers through Facebook. The beauty brand ran dynamic ads for broad audiences that were defined for age, gender, and locations to automatically show relevant products from its catalog to potential customers.

To focus on potential customers who had viewed MyGlamm’s products online but were yet to add them to their shopping carts, these dynamic ads showed them products that they were most likely to purchase. MyGlamm used photo ads in a carousel format with clear CTAs to encourage purchase.

MyGlamm also created Custom Audiences of its existing customers and used dynamic ad retargeting to encourage them to make multiple purchases. As the personalized ads showed relevant products to people who were most likely to be interested, MyGlamm managed to grow its customer base cost-efficiently and increase purchases.

The Result

The Facebook campaign helped MyGlamm reach more potential customers and drive sales. The fashion brand saw a 51% increase in sales with dynamic ads. Also, it observed a 92# incremental reach over ads that ran during the five months for which the campaign lasted.

Wrapping Up

Due to its massive popularity among nearly every demographic group, Facebook has become a great marketing platform. Not only do Facebook users spend a lot of time online, but also advertising on Facebook is highly affordable as an average Facebook ad costs just $5.99 per thousand impressions. Therefore, you can market your brand to a wide audience at a very low price. However, to benefit from this awesome marketing channel, you need to fully leverage its various features like dynamic ads, carousel, and custom & lookalike audiences. With an effective strategy and Facebook’s cool marketing features, your brand can achieve every marketing goal effortlessly.


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