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3 Exemplary Facebook Ad Campaigns by B2B Companies

When it comes to advertising and marketing, many businesses like to give cut-throat

competition to its competitors. No matter if you are building an app or a car, you need to

market your product to gain customers.

In the current era, it has become essential for every business to market their content.

Moreover, with the rise of social networks and their brilliant tools, advertising about your

services has become easy. But, you have to plan it carefully, though.

If you are thinking of building your ad campaign, now is the time. This report claims that the

global B2B digital ad spend stands at $8.14 billion, which is a clear sign for further

growth. So, invest now!

Check Out these Exemplary B2B Facebook Ad Campaigns

1) Expert Market by MVF

Run Time:

1 April - 31 May 2020

Target Region and Audience:

US, Ages 21 and above


The customer generation platform did an amazing job by leveraging Facebook ads. The 2-month-long campaign brought in 1,455 app installs for the firm.


Unlike their previous web form-based approach to get quality leads, MVF harnessed Facebook video ads to fulfill their chief motive of getting sales-ready leads in their latest campaign.

Approach and Buyer Journey:

MVF acknowledged that it was better to engage users via user-friendly apps than online forms. So, for their upcoming ad campaign, they focussed on developing

intriguing video ads and creatives. For this, they added various new business services products to its app, Expert Market.

The motive here was to harness incremental sales while saving extra costs. The brand followed the state of the art methods to design the ads in which they marketed

multiple products. Some of those products were like a cloud-based phone system and a Live GPS Vehicle Tracking device.

These ads fed the features and other important information of the products to the users. Moreover, they were presented in vertical formats with text overlays for an enhanced and knowledgeable experience.

As far as targeting is concerned, the ads were focused on those in the US, aged

21 and above. The brand also created custom audiences based on the users that

had a fleet of vehicles and who used a phone system. Based on this, MVF also built

a lookalike audience for targeting.

Automatic placements of ads were also done to get the best results at a low cost.

MVF also used Facebook Analytics to know how well the ad campaign was


To nudge the users into installing the app, the ads were paired with an “Install Now”

button that took the users to Google Play Listing.

Did they Succeed?

With this precise planning, there was no doubt about the performance that the ad

campaign delivered. It witnessed:

  • 1455 app installs directly from Facebook

  • 2,401 app installs during the campaign time

  • 4.7X boost in the conversion rate among people who viewed the Facebook ads

Products Used:

Custom audiences, Lookalike audiences, Video ads, Measurement, Automatic


2) Source.One

Run Time:

April 2019

Target Region and Audience:



By harnessing the power of Whatsapp, Source.One built an ad campaign that

skyrocketed the revenue. The brand witnessed a monthly boost of 30% in the

revenue and 1,500 conversations using Whatsapp.


The chief objective of the logistics company was to help small and medium-sized

business owners maintain effective business communication with the firm.

Approach and Buyer Journey:

To make the communication process simple for the clients, Source.One partnered

with global message and communication partner Tyntec. With this, they incorporated

Whatsapp as a communication tool and focused on communicating with the entire

supply chain using it.

The use of the messaging platform allowed the firm to provide brilliant customer

service. The tool offered customers to receive updates, delivery status, and

availability of products.

On the other hand, it allowed Source.One to provide daily price alerts, inventory

updates, and shipping information based on the location and business requirements

of the customers.

Post receiving the order, the firm used Whatsapp itself to get banking and relevant

business information. They also sent timely updates to business partners.

Did they Succeed?

Whatsapp allowed Source.One to hold effective and transparent communication with

the clients. They saw:

  • An increase of 30% in monthly revenue

  • 1500 conversations happened via Whatsapp

  • Served around 600 customers via Whatsapp in 6 months

Products Used:

Whatsapp Business API


Run Time:

April - September 2019

Target Region and Audience:



By harnessing Facebook dynamic ads, the ad campaign undertaken by CINC helped

ListCast achieve remarkable results such as 385 new lead signups.


The key objective of the firm was to manage leads for one of its clients. Besides,

they also wanted to decrease the buying time by engaging the clients with the


Approach and Buyer Journey:

The approach followed by CINC to help their clients get better leads was precisely planned and executed.

The key perspective of the approach was to reach out to people and bring new leads while keeping the existing ones engaged. The ads were optimised for real estate inventory and were shown to those who had an interest in the agent listings.

Other than this, to keep the potential buyers engaged, the brand targeted ads by comparing factors like location, neighborhood, etc. with the buyer's previous searches. The brand made sure that the ads were also targeted to people who visited the ListCast website but didn’t register. These ads were shown to users for 30 days so as to tune them to complete the registration.

To boost website views of the client, the brand focused ads on those who made

registration on the website in the last 180 days and searched properties on the

website in a period of 30 days. Other than boosting users on client websites, these

ads were intended to prevent users from browsing other similar websites.

Did they Succeed?

Yes, the innovative approach led to remarkable results for the brand. CINC


  • 13.8X return on ad spend from Facebook real estate ads

  • 385 new leads signups from Facebook ads

Products Used:

Dynamic ads, Lead ads

Wish to Make Similarly Successful Ad Campaigns?

After going through the above-described case studies, you must be highly motivated to get

started on your ad campaign. But, before you get into the process of building it, it is

necessary to consider all the relevant factors.

Analyse the campaigns undertaken by your competitors and know what they lacked. Check

out the tools of social networks like Facebook and study how you can leverage them.

Moreover, also study the market about the scope of the idea, if it is demanding or not. After a comprehensive analysis of all these factors, develop your killer ad campaign.


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