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3 FMCG/CPG Brands Whose Twitter Campaigns Made All The Right Noises

The global FMCG market was worth $10,020 billion in 2017 and was projected to reach $15,361.8 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 5.4% during this period. Despite the slight lull in the industry owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the FMCG sector is quickly gaining momentum.

However, to make the most out of this small boom, FMCG brands need to come up with impressive campaigns that can leave a long-lasting impact on their target audience. To do that, they must find ways to capitalize on the potential of marketing channels available to them, just like these three FMCG brands made the most out of their Twitter campaigns.

1. Frank’s RedHot

Frank’s RedHot partnered with Eli Manning to make the most out of his Twitter debut.

Their Objective

Frank’s RedHot wanted to engage with its fans in a meaningful way by partnering with Eli Manning.

Approach & Solution

Frank’s RedHot sought the help of its creative agency partner Grey Group to effectively tap into the cultural event by sharing hot takes throughout the match using the brand’s signature hashtag #TweetSomeHeat. The hashtag didn’t only make for a warm welcome for Eli but also encouraged others to be a part of the conversation

Frank’s RedHot partnership with Manning helped it extend the reach of their partnership by using their back-and-forth as a springboard to connect with the larger conversation happening on Twitter. Also, they were able to quickly build cultural relevance through their conversation.

Both Frank’s RedHot and Manning used the brand’s signature hashtag #TweetSomeHeat and encouraged others to use it too. This helped push Frank’s RedHot to the center of the conversation.

The Result

The Twitter campaign was a massive success for Frank’s RedHot as the brand saw a 2.1x boost in positive sentiment during this period. Moreover, it got many new followers after they saw how fun and engaging it was to connect with Frank’s RedHot. The American sauce brand saw a 55x increase in its daily follower rate compared to the monthly average before the start of the campaign.

2. Coca-Cola

Christmas has always been a special time for Coca-Cola to communicate its brand values and through its partnership with Twitter, Coca-Cola wanted to maximize its impact during Christmas in Spain.

Their Objective

Coca-Cola wanted to increase the visibility of its Christmas ad and reach users through an innovative ad format that is safe for the brand.

Approach & Solution

The immediacy offered by Twitter helped Coca-Cola reach a relevant and highly receptive Spanish audience at the right time. Coca-Cola perfectly conveyed the brand’s values on Twitter through an emotive ad that focused on how Spanish people feel.

Moreover, Coca-Cola leveraged Twitter’s In-Stream Video Ads to associate its ad with premium content. Through its #EstamosMásCerca [We are closer] campaign, Coca-Cola fully tapped on to the general perception of Spain being one of the few countries in the world where people feel the closest to each other, which serves as a continual reminder of everything we have in common.

The Result

The Twitter campaign delivered exceptional results for Coca-Cola, raking in 3 million views. The #EstamosMásCerca [We are closer] ad campaign appealed to the emotions of the Christmas season. This achieved a high view rate of 53% while also conveying the brand’s values.


KITKAT, which is one of the biggest sponsors of the NFL in Canada, wanted to find new avenues of engagement with football fans during the postseason.

Their Objective

KITKAT’s objective was to strengthen its association with the NFL through an innovative and targeted campaign.

Approach & Solution

Since Twitter had seen over 13.8M daily impressions in Canada centered around the NFL postseason, it was the ideal platform for reaching out to football fans. Therefore, joining hands with Twitter was an obvious choice for KITKAT.

KITKAT became an IN-Stream Video Sponsor of NFL Canada content, pre-rolling KITKAT ads on in-game highlights, including the biggest plays, touchdowns, and moments. Also, to ensure that it was reaching out to the right audience at the right time, KITKAT layered on demographic, keyword, handle, interest, and TV targeting to reach the most engaged fans during peak times.

KITKAT also increased its click-per-view bids during moments of high engagement and lowered them when engagement tapered off, thereby, ensuring a strong brand presence without overpaying for it.

Twitter’s In-Stream Video Sponsorship allowed KITKAT to associate itself with premium NFL content to reach engaged football fans. KITKAT also made ample use of relevant hashtags to reach a wider and highly targeted audience.

The Result

As expected, the Twitter campaign was quite successful for KITKAT. By pushing out premium NFL content, KITKAT engaged football fans when it mattered the most and raked in 3 million views during the postseason with a high completion rate of 86%. This was attained at a low CPCV OF $0.02.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is one of the best platforms for brands that seek to benefit from a particular event and capitalize on the general sentiment associated with that event. With in-stream video ads and audience targeting, brands can ensure that they are reaching out to the most relevant audience with the most appealing content. However, this requires a clear strategy on how it will be achieved. A solid marketing campaign can go a long way in connecting brands with their existing and potential customers on Twitter.


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