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3 Household Goods Brands That Leveraged Pinterest to Boost Online Traffic & Sales

The household goods industry is projected to be worth $121,158M in 2020 and thereafter, demonstrate an annual growth rate of 6.1%, resulting in a market volume of $153,514M by 2024.

While these numbers look pretty impressive, it is important to note that the household goods industry has an extensive range of products, each of which is sold by thousands of players worldwide.

Therefore, brands need to come up with out-of-the-box ideas to survive and thrive in this cut-throat competition. However, that’s easier said than done.

Fortunately, we have platforms like Pinterest that can go a long way in driving brand awareness and familiarizing consumers with a brand. So, here are three brands from the household goods industry that leveraged Pinterest’s popularity amongst their target audience to ramp up their brand awareness game.

1. SharkNinja

Popular housewares brand, SharkNinja, wanted to launch two new products in the lead-up to the 2018 festive shopping season i.e. the Ninja Foodi and the Ninja FreshVac Blender.

Their Objectives

As they were launching two new products, they wanted to build some awareness around these products and subsequently, their brand too.

Approach & Solution

Upon reading Pinterest 100 for 2018, SharkNinja wanted to align their products with two Pinterest trends. These trends were the ‘diet-friendly frying’, which was 1809% up for 2018 and would have been the perfect tie-in for Foodi.

The team wanted to focus on mocktails or cocktails without alcohol, for FreshVac Blender. This was because the interest in mocktails was up by 160% in 2018.

To make the connection more apparent, SharkNinja created a campaign of Promoted Pins featuring FreshVac Blender and the Foodi, consisting of messaging and imagery referring to the trends. To further highlight the link, they added a simple Pinterest 100 trend icon to some of the Pins.

Moreover, they used different targeting methods that included keyword targeting, interest targeting, and act alike audiences.

To check how effective their approach was, SharkNinja also ran various other Pins featuring the same products and mentioning the same product benefits, but without highlighting the trends or including the Pinterest 100 badge.

The Result

SharkNinja’s campaign turned out to be a success and reached 17.6 million people. The Pinterest 100 Pins delivered a 3X higher return on ad spend than the ones that didn’t feature the trend callouts. Also, Pinterest 100-associated Pins with the badge drove a 10% higher return on ad spend than the ones without the badge.

2. Natura Makeup

Brazil’s top cosmetics manufacturer, Natura Makeup, was looking for ways to increase organic traffic to its site from social media and other platforms.

Their Objectives

By boosting organic traffic to their site, Natura Makeup wanted to reach the highly engaged audience in Brazil that looked for cosmetics-related content online, especially on Pinterest.

Approach & Solution

To tap on to Pinterest’s highly engaging audience that looked for cosmetics-related stuff, Natura Makeup joined Pinterest in 2016 and started building its presence. They also deployed a dedicated team that focused on optimizing Pinterest’s organic formats and tools.

As there are more than 650,000 Pinterest searches for cosmetics every month in Brazil, the Natura Makeup team consistently added 20 organic Pins every month. These Pins were not only beautiful but also beneficial and highlighted new products, step-by-step beauty tips, palette colours, and fashion influencers.

Natura Makeup not only provided their followers with fresh content every month but also made it incredibly easy for people to explore their vast collection of Pins. They did it by organizing Pins into different categories like tutorials, trends, and top products, thereby making it easy for Pinners to find what they were looking for.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign delivered exceptional results for Natura Makeup. Their presence on Pinterest itself brought a huge surge in their organic traffic. Within a year of setting up their profile on Pinterest, the platform made up about 40% of all social traffic for the makeup brand. The Pin impressions to Natura Makeup’s site also increased by over 11X.

Also, the step-by-step Pins came in quite handy for Natura Makeup, and 60% of the clickthroughs on these Pins came from their core audience of women aged between 25-54.


INVISTA, the maker of popular US carpet brand, STAINMASTER, had teamed up with Georgia-Pacific to launch a line of carpet-cleaning products in 2016.

Their Objectives

As it was launching a new brand in a highly competitive industry, STAINMASTER sought to build awareness and encourage trials to bring new customers to its fold.

Approach & Solution

As STAINMASTER knew that people often use Pinterest to find ideas, they joined hands with Pinterest. Together with their agency, Performics, STAINMASTER ran ads targeted to search on Pinterest to reach people who used upper-funnel keywords like ‘party planning’.

Their campaign included six different ads, each telling a different story of what stains a carpet, from spilt coffee to artistic kids. They reused Pins that they had previously used for other campaigns, encouraging their audience to prepare for whatever life threw at them and their carpets.

Also, they used the same keywords that had performed well in their previous campaigns and developed a set of upper-funnel keywords with Performics to amplify their reach. Also, they used a few lower-funnel keywords such as ‘how to remove a carpet stain’ and how to get red wine out of carpet’. The team identified the most effective keywords during the course of the campaign and adjust them accordingly for optimized results.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign did well, resulting in a 90% gain in cost efficiency over traditional search advertising. Some of that success was a direct outcome of One-tap Promoted Pins, which drove cost-efficient traffic.

However, the biggest gain for STAINMASTER was that the new customers in the carpet-care industry accounted for over 90% of Pinterest’s referrals to the STAINMASTER site, driving an enhanced awareness among the brand’s target audience.

Bottom Line

If you wish to leverage Pinterest to drive brand awareness, capitalize on Pinterest trends to show people how your products can play a role in bringing new ideas into their life. Also, by using Pinterest’s in-depth targeting capabilities, you can make the most out of your ad spend. Try incorporating Pinterest’s best practices like adding text overlays for a tasteful branding and making your product the focal point.



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