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3 Media & Entertainment Facebook Ad Campaigns You Wish You Made

The Media & Entertainment industry is one of the top spenders on digital ads, whether on a global or continental level. As per 2019 statistics, the Indian Media & Entertainment industry spent around almost a quarter (23%) of its total expenditure on digital media alone.

While, in the US, the net digital ad spend by its own industry in 2019 was a whopping US$6.88 billion. These are huge figures and clearly suggest that digital advertising is the new revolution. As people increasingly interact with digital and social media while staying apart in current times, these expenditures are speculated to grow rapidly.

As such, now is the perfect time for Media & Entertainment amateurs and giants to leverage the power of the digital network! Read on for Facebook Ads inspiration:

A brief look at 3 Successful Media & Entertainment Ad Campaigns on Facebook

1) Ritual Gym

Run Time:

November 2019 - January 2020

Target Region & Audience:



The video and photo ads of the gym outperformed on Facebook. They helped the brand foster 39% incremental lift conversions for subscriptions for gym trials within nine weeks of the running period.


The key objective of the Gym chain was to increase awareness and make people sign up for their paid trial membership.


The initial step of the approach included producing video ads that showcased the gym. It included everything about the workout of 30 minutes at Ritual Gym. Moreover, the ad also contained the press coverage of the gym.

The brand used Facebook’s best methods to target as well as retarget people. They aimed for the people of Singapore. Besides, they also retargeted people who have already visited the website and has interacted with the ad.

Lookalike audiences tool was used to reach out to more people interested in fitness. Plus, a conversion lift study was put in effect to analyze the results of the campaign.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

The featuring of the workout tools and exercises were included in the video ads to intrigue the users towards the gym. It was solely for making the viewers aware.

To make the user consider the trial of the gym, various reviews were added in the ad from GQ and Her World. Plus, in the end, users were also allowed to check how does the trial membership work.

To help users take the final step, a link to the website was integrated that displayed the option of “Start your free trial.”

Did they Succeed?

The nine-week long campaign in the peak periods of the year led to:

  • 32% boost in incremental organic search traffic.

  • 39% incremental lift conversions for subscriptions.

  • 1,394 incremental visits from search traffic to Ritual Gym’s website.

Products Used:

Photo ads, Video ads, Custom audiences, Lookalike audiences, Measurement

2) Vodafone Play

Run Time:

26 September - 31 December 2019

Target Region and Audience:



The multiphase ad campaign of Vodafone Play ran for three months on Facebook and harnessed a 43% lift in app installs. The brand also witnessed a 6.4% lift in ad recall.


The in-stream video ads created by the brand had the core objective to reach out to more audiences and garner more installs of the Vodafone Play live streaming app.

Approach and Targeting Buyer Journey:

The Vodafone Play ads were created by creative agency Ogilvy India and media agency Wavemaker. They segmented the audience so that they could produce ads in different languages and content liked within certain locations.

The brand created some brilliant and engaging video and photo ads in seven Indian languages to target people in different regions of the country. Moreover, The ads contained different movies as well as TV shows based on the liking of people of different states.

The ads were made in a carousel format that helped Vodafone raise awareness about the app and also boosted app installs.

The brand also used a campaign budget optimization tool that allowed Facebook to distribute budget across the best performing ads. This was done to utilize the capital well.

Moreover, to calculate performance, Vodafone used the conversion lift study. It included a comparison between the test group that saw the ad and the control group that did not. The difference between the two revealed the number of downloads, registrations, and content views.

At the end of the ad, they included the name of the app Vodafone Play with a “Install Now” button just below the Facebook post.

Did they Succeed?

Yes, the brilliantly planned & executed ad campaign bought the brand:

  • 43% boost in-app installs

  • 4.1% lift in brand preference

  • 38% lift in registrations

  • 42% uplift in content views

  • 6.4% lift in ad recall

Products they Used:

Carousel, Photo ads, Video ads, Custom audiences, Measurement

3) Universal Pictures

Run Time:

22 - 29 August 2018

Target Region and Audience:

Worldwide, Ages 25-54


The in-stream ad campaign for their upcoming movie BlacKkKlansman, received a remarkable response from the audience.

Universal pictures observed 2.75X more completed video views with in-stream video ads.


Using in-stream video ads, Universal Pictures wanted to check how well their ad campaign performs as compared to regular video link ads. They wanted to observe the change in the number of completed video views.


The film studio and distribution firm ran their video ads in two sets. The first set included video ads in Facebook feed and the second set had in-stream video ads in long-form content. These were also in Facebook News Feed as well as in Facebook Watch.

The studio roped in their media buying agency MediaCom to produce a 6-second sneak peek mobile ad to be integrated into long-form content on Facebook.

They targeted this ad to people of ages 25-54 who had an interest in similar films. The budget was equally distributed to both sets of ads to compare results in the end.

Buyer Journey Stages Considered:

As there was no factor of app installs for Universal Pictures, they just focussed on making that six seconds super awesome for the audience.

The core way to make the audience watch the complete video was to intrigue them with something fresh and out of the box. And the short teaser about the upcoming movie BlacKkKlansman served as the perfect magnet to capture their precious attention.

Did they Succeed?

Yes - with flying colors! The campaign garnered:

  • 59% of all completed video views

  • 33% more cost-efficient when optimized for 10 seconds

  • 2.75X more completed video views

  • 50% lower cost per video view

Products they used:

Video ads, Core audiences

Are you excited to build your own Facebook Ad Campaign?

If you studied all the above cases carefully, you should have noticed that all 3 approaches are different. This is entirely because their primary goasl and target audiences are different.

Remember: A comprehensive analysis of the market, competitors and audience is absolutely necessary when developing a killer ad campaign.

Now go crazy!


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