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3 Personal Care Brands that Hit the Bull’s Eye with Their TikTok Marketing Campaigns

In 2020, global revenue from personal care brands is expected to hit $173,631m, and thereafter, the industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.3% between 2020 and 2024 to reach an accumulated figure of $230,200m in 2024.

For an industry that is so huge and has tremendous growth potential, it’s surprising that much of its marketing is still dependent on traditional TV ads, catering to just one kind of audience.

However, with the advent of social media platforms, there are many more marketing channels where brands can market their products and gain a wider outreach to audiences that have not been capitalized yet. TikTok is one such platform that has helped companies operating in various industries boost their visibility and brand awareness.

So, here are three brands from the personal care industry that successfully leveraged TikTok to enhance their brand awareness and get access to a more diverse audience.

1. Moov

Moov was about to launch its new Moov Advance Gel with Diclofenac and was looking for new and innovative ways to stand out in a competitive market.

Their Objectives

Moov sought to consolidate its position as the leading industry expert and drive brand awareness in the process.

Approach & Solution

As a platform that enables brands to fully explore their creative side through their innovative branded solutions, TikTok was an ideal platform for Moov to launch their digital campaign. It leveraged TikTok’s two most popular ad offerings i.e., Hashtag Challenge and Brand Takeover, to launch their #MakeYourMoov campaign.

The Hashtag Challenge exhorted India’s digital consumers to create and post their videos on TikTok while performing any fitness move of their choice. These user-generated videos were full of creativity and were instrumental in cementing Moov’s position as a leading figure in the #Fitness domain.

Moov also used Brand Takeover ads to leverage TikTok’s premium ad feature with a full-screen, vertical, and non-skippable #MakeYourMoov ad that appeared every time the user opened their app.

The Result

Moov’s TikTok campaign #MakeYourMoov went quickly viral and garnered over 9 billion video views. 2.4 billion of these views came in just 3 days. The campaign also led to the creation of 10,000 user-generated videos, which further enhanced Moov’s brand awareness with a whopping 248 million engagements.

2. Colgate

Colgate sought to drive awareness by doing something special for the December 12 (12.12) shopping season, which is Black Friday’s equivalent in Southeast Asia.

Their Objectives

Colgate wanted to boost its sales while standing out from their competitors and thereby boost its long-term product affinity.

Approach & Solution

Colgate decided to team up with TikTok as the platform facilitates out-of-the-box ideas and helps brands be as creative as they want.

Colgate decided to launch the #colgatekiss Hashtag Challenge campaign in Thailand as they felt it would go a long way in standing out from their competitors. Also, the move would mean much more than simply offering discounts to give sales a boost in the short-term.

Colgate designed a clickable Branded Effect to create a lasting product impression, with the user’s “kissy face” as the main element and exploding hearts as the added visual effect to complement the challenge. The challenge also featured a “click” hint, which appeared on the biggest beating heart. It guided the user to Colgate’s product page, where they could buy the product.

To boost the campaign’s return on investment, Colgate also used TikTok’s TopView, In-Feed Ads, and Brand Takeover solutions to boost the campaign’s outreach beyond its organic reach.

The Result

The campaign led to more than 43,000 submissions with Branded Effect. Over 42,000 creators participated to generate almost 63,000 videos, which helped Colgate boost its brand awareness in the country. Also, the campaign resulted in over 764,000 click-throughs to Colgate’s product landing page and garnered an engagement rate of 4.42% for the campaign.

3. Rexona

Leading deodorant brand, Rexona, wanted to engage with the younger generation in Russia, for which it launched a new line of products.

Their Objectives

Through its new line of products, Rexona sought to drive brand awareness by providing Russian teens with a sporty and vibrant lifestyle during summer.

Approach & Solution

As TikTok is immensely popular amongst teens across the world, teaming up with the platform was an obvious choice for Rexona, as they were looking to target that demographic.

Rexona launched a Hashtag Challenge called #RexonaChallenge. For this it roped in top influencer Kate i.e., Катя Адушкина to show people how they could participate in the challenge by dancing with Rexona. Kate composed a TikTok-style pop track, which functioned as the Branded Music for this challenge.

The challenge featured 16 influencers, with each influencer bringing ingenuity to the challenge through their unique style. While Rexona fully leveraged influencers’ popularity, they also offered prizes to the participants, which gave way to a second wave of buzz during the launch of their latest line of products.

The Result

The TikTok campaign was quite successful for Rexona, resulting in over 156,000 user-generated videos, which together fetched almost 93 million views in just six days. Also, Rexona’s new TikTok business account gained over 14,000 followers.

Wrapping Up

While Hashtag Challenge is inarguably the most engaging form of marketing on Tik Tok, using a mix of Brand Takeover, TopView, and In-Feed Ads can help drive brand engagement to a whole new level. This helps brands reach out to their target audience in more than one way. However, business owners need to figure out how they can attract their audience’s attention through their content for any of these features to be a success.


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