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3 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Have a Voice Strategy

Brands with a voice strategy can speak in a way that resonates with their audience.

Voice technology is a rapidly developing industry that has a massive impact on consumer expectations in home and enterprise spaces. Consumers are using these voice-enabled devices every day searching for information and entertainment, and brands and retailers have no choice but to catch up with them.

The number of voice-enabled devices has exploded over the past few years. As the technology improves, it will get even better. Today, you can use voice recognition technology to help you get the information that you need without a touch of a button. And just as quickly as voice is taking off among consumers, it is also driving a need among businesses to develop a voice search strategy to incorporate into their digital marketing plans.

Voice is changing the way people search for and find brands on the web. It will likely impact how we do SEO, drive traffic to our sites, and how as an entrepreneur, we can improve the customer experience. It can be used for several things; for example, it can help businesses get more sales while making the process of ordering easier.

Voice Technology is on the Rise and Will Continue to Grow

The inception of voice technology goes back to early 2010, but it has progressed a lot in the last few years, with the latest devices on the scene being the most sophisticated voice assistants consumers have ever seen. In just the last couple of years, voice technology's adoption rate has spiked, and today more than 20% of search on Google is done through voice.

Hence, as a business, you will be able to take advantage of this growing trend by developing a voice-based solution for your business. With voice technology, businesses can now easily provide a more personalized and personal experience with their customers. For instance, if you have a restaurant business, you can now let your customers order food through voice by simply speaking to your device. The same is also true for other services such as banking and booking hotels. These are just some areas where voice technology can be of immense benefit.

A Voice Strategy Can Improve Customer Experience

Since voice technology can recognize and respond to a voice command, it is such a powerful tool for customer service. It can be used in many different ways to improve customer experiences, such as answering questions before making a purchase, getting information about products, scheduling appointments, and making reservations.

Voice technology allows you to create an engaging, personalized, and seamless customer experience that will help you grow and develop your relationship with customers. Assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant can understand voice commands and distinguish between different voices. Voice technology can also make interactions with brands more natural and seamless.

Voice Search Changes the Way We Do SEO

With people using voice assistants for their daily information needs, marketers need to be more adaptive and incorporate voice into their online strategies if they want to continue pulling traffic from Google.

The technology is transforming how we do SEO as voice-based searches rank much better than text-based ones. This means that if your brand uses long-tail keywords that describe your product or service, then there's a good chance that you're going to show up much higher on their list.


In conclusion, voice technology is an emerging trend that businesses must look into to improve the customer experience with their brand. Also, incorporating it into your marketing and SEO strategies is a great way to pull consistent traffic from Google.


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