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3 Retail Brands Whose Twitter Marketing Campaigns Are a Lesson in Marketing

The global retail market was worth $20,331.1 billion in 2020, having increased at a CAGR of 2.4% since 2015. Despite a sluggish growth rate between 2020-21 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the market is expected to reach $29,446.2 billion in 2025, growing at a CAGR of 7.7%.

While the opportunities in the retail sector are immense, the cut-throat competition existing in the industry can’t be denied. Therefore, to stay afloat and relevant, retail brands need to devise solid marketing strategies and come up with unique campaigns, just like these three retail brands did with their Twitter marketing campaigns.

1. Adidas Spain

Adidas was planning to relaunch its iconic Predator soccer boots and therefore, teamed up with Twitter to spread its campaign message.

Their Objective

Adidas Spain wanted to take the Predator soccer boots from the stadium to the street and generate a buzz around their product.

Solution & Approach

Adidas Spain used every promoted video option available on Twitter. Firstly, it released its hero video in First View Format- the video format that has the widest coverage. It also leveraged In-Stream Video Ads to introduce its hero video together with Premium content videos on sports and other related topics. At the same time, it also segmented its target audience.

Adidas Spain also used the Video Website Card format to allow its users to visit the Adidas platform and purchase their boots while enjoying the hero video. The brand also reached out to users who had previously shown interest in the boots during the earlier stages of the campaign.

The Result

The Twitter campaign was hugely successful for Adidas Spain and led to more than 6 million views on the hero video. The video was watched for more than 440K minutes. Also, the cost-per-view was €0.01.

2. Popsicle

When Justin Bieber tweeted his sadness and disappointment at his beloved Double Pops no longer being available, Popsicle saw the opportunity to capitalize on the attention.

Their Objective

Popsicle sought to build on the attention that Bieber’s tweet had received and relaunch the double popsicle for increased traction.

Solution & Approach

Popsicle capitalized on the strength of Bieber’s 100 million followers to benefit from the organic conversation and used it to create momentum for the relaunch of Double Pops.

Its parent company Unilever followed the Tease, Reveal, Sustain framework to generate hype, garner support, and build on the audience momentum with a Promoted Trend- a high impact placement on Twitter’s Explore tab that was centered around the #BringBackTheDouble campaign.

The Result

The Twitter campaign performed exceptionally well for Popsicle with the #BringBackTheDouble campaign resulting in 100,000 Retweets. The Mentions of Double Pops on Twitter also grew by over 1,000X over the same period and the positive sentiment was almost unanimous at over 99%.

3. eBags

eBags is a leading online retailer of bags and travel accessories that was looking to launch a campaign that could diversify its retargeting channels to drive incremental sales.

Their Objective

eBags sought to launch a campaign that would increase cost-efficient conversions and strong ROAS.

Solution & Approach

eBags sought help from Twitter and StitcherAds to come up with dynamic ad campaigns across mobile and web. It used the Twitter website tag to serve recent visitors on its website with relevant Promoted Tweets based on the products that they had viewed.

Running the ads across Twitter and the Twitter Audience Platform helped eBags attain greater performance and scale. Interested customers who viewed the products on its site but didn’t purchase them were later targeted through Tweets.

The Result

The Twitter campaign delivered outstanding results for eBags. Its dynamic ads strategy helped it drive conversions 17% less than its cost-per-conversion target. Also, it experienced a 23% higher CTR compared to its program targets.

Bottom Line

Twitter, through its plethora of video features like First View Format and In-Stream Video ads, offers users a range of marketing options for brands. It can help you direct more traffic to your site, drive brand awareness, engage your audience, boost conversions and enhance your sales. All you need is a solid marketing strategy backed by amazing content to meet all your marketing goals.


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