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3 Snackable Content Formats Every Marketer Must Keep in Mind

Snackable content, as the name suggests, is information that is short, crisp, and easy to take in. The straightforwardness of such content makes it a perfect fit for passive consumption on the internet, especially for most social media platforms. Such material looks and feels engaging and gets used for supporting overarching campaigns.

It can get consumed readily, and common opinion suggests that creating snackable content is much easier than the long-form versions. One can say that such an opinion mostly holds, except that the process comes with many challenges and strategies. The whole idea revolves around a set of different rules, where the potential payoffs can be more immediate and effective in terms of reach.

Such strategies create a source of immediate entertainment or enrichment, encourage social sharing and bring in new leads. Certain content mediums effectively carry out such tasks.

Snackable Content Examples

Four of the most reliable snackable content formats include quote graphics, memes, infographics, and gifs content formats. These can create the required meaningful connections one wishes for if done right.

Quote Graphics

A quote that grabs one’s attention instantly can give you a head start. However, supporting the words with a captivating visual can further aid in the promotion process.

For instance, food imagery on a menu can paint a picture better than just putting it in its description. Such concepts frame the purpose of adding graphics. Other forms of engaging content include installing a backdrop, font types, and many other visual elements that tie it all together. If you look for or create relevant data for your business, you can find your target audiences better.

Even quotes that ones find inspiring or engaging can get used for this purpose.

Some demonstrate the perfect selling power or description of the brand, which further increases their value.

Just like that, you can now create snackable content by using quotes. Just make sure to cite your sources and support them with good imagery for them to make better sense. Imagery helps wave off the compelling nature of the quotes.


Memes make up one of the most encapsulating snackable content of all. The message portrayed through them is to the point and immaculate. The information gets tailored to the need and occasion, and one can scroll through it to share it.

As a digital marketer, you must already know how creating memes is a form of art. A medium with straightforward, almost blunt characteristics can become hard to master. Therefore, one might have to take better precautions while constructing them.

There is no doubt in the fact that many companies successfully make entertaining memes on a daily. The message contained within them gets transmitted without necessarily hurting or upsetting the sentiments of the masses.


Infographics, as a format category, rank as one of the best mediums for passing on meaningful information. Such a method requires no compromising on the stackability characteristic of the content.

The information created usually is fun to read, engaging, and practical. The best part is that this can go many ways. For instance, ‘how-to’ guides can become one of the categories, together with general intriguing facts and figures.

Therefore, infographics, by nature, tend to be less conventional and form a good chunk of snackable content varieties. Their characteristics allow readers to gloss over without getting bored, leading to effective communication.

Stats Every Digital Marketer Must Know

In a sea of gifs and memes as efficient information sources, it can get difficult to track numbers viewing them every day. However, some statistics over years have helped people know their effectiveness.

For instance, there exist about 700 million daily users for Giphy, which generates about 10 billion gifs. These amount to 11 million hours of viewing at Giphy daily.

Similarly, it is almost impossible to give a number to the total number of memes over the internet. Studies show that about 55% of 13-35-year-olds forward memes every week.

Additionally, 30% send them daily, with 38% following meme accounts on social media. About 74% send memes to humor others with a laugh or smile.

Last Thoughts

In today’s world, snackable content is easier to produce only if one uses existing tools and opportunities well.

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