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3 Successful Instagram Ad Campaigns by Tech Brands to Inspire You

The technology industry has seen rapid growth in its digital ad spend in recent years. Research shows that the total digital ad spend by the computing products and consumer electronics industry in the US is expected to hit the $12.25 billion mark in 2020. This value was only $5.45 billion back in 2016.

This is a clear sign that, if you are in the tech business, you'd need to leverage the power of digital advertising to remain visible to your target audiences.

If you need inspiration to develop a killer ad campaign on Instagram, here are some great examples!

Instagram Technology Ad Campaigns that Led to Brilliant Results


Run Time:

21 December 2019 - 4 January 2020

Target Region and Audience:

Thailand, People in the age group of 21-45 years


World popular hardware and technology brand, ASUS harnessed the power of Instagram images and video ads to spread awareness about their product.

The state of the art campaign fostered a 2.1 point increase in top-of-mind awareness along with other mind-blowing results.


The core aim of ASUS was to scout for various brand awareness strategies with the use of new marketing tools.


The technology giant formulated an awesome approach to drive its ad campaign. The key step of the approach was roping in Facebook Marketing Partner Vamp that helped them identify the best content creators for the ad campaign.

Following this, the content creators created some brilliant photo and video ads featuring themselves with ASUS products. These ads were made with mobile-first purposes and featured the ASUS ZenBook Duo. Moreover, it also highlighted the ScreenPad Plus secondary touchscreen feature of the product.

The produced ads were posted from the content creators account that specifically targeted people in the age group of 21-45 with interest in lifestyle and technology.

Lastly, to measure the success of ads, ASUS compared photo and video ads separately, branded content ads separately, and the combination of them separately.

Buyer’s Journey Targeted:

Well, as the brand was looking to spread awareness, they just needed to guide people to their website only. For this, they planned the process very precisely.

First off, they roped in powerful and local content creators to create branded content video ads and photo ads. They ran these ads on Instagram to make people aware of the product and its features.

To nudge the audience to consider the product, they highlighted the secondary touchscreen feature of the ASUS ZenBook Duo. The ad coming from the local creators also played a pillar role in driving the audience.

Lastly, for turning the audience to the ASUS website, a CTA was included at the end of the video ad.

Did they Succeed?

The ASUS ad campaign featuring branded products and their features succeeded with the following results:

  • 13% lower cost per reach for created generated content

  • 33% lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for both ASUS and creator-generated content

  • 2.1 point increase in top-of-mind awareness for both ASUS and creator-generated content

Products Used

Photo ads, Video ads, Branded content ads

2) Dineout

Run Time:

July - December 2018

Target Region and Audience:

India, People interested in restaurant dining and gourmet food


The idea of using Instagram stories and feeds to run creative video ads about the reservation service turned out to be a masterstroke for the brand.

The brand witnessed a 39% decrease in cost per purchase that was sky-high.


The restaurant table reservation firm targeted reaching out to more food lovers out there by nudging them to install the Dineout app via Instagram ads.


As Dineout was using Instagram for the first time for running ads, it followed a simple approach. The brand worked on creating an ad creative for Instagram feed and stories with the help Facebook Marketing Partner, Shuttlerock.

Multiple video ads were created and ran in the feeds and stories of Instagram to boost app installs. Moreover, Dineout also focussed on targeting people who like to eat out and are interested in gourmet food. To extend their outreach, they also created a lookalike audience.

The major punch of the ad included providing discounts to the user while making restaurant reservations.

Buyer’s Journey Targeted:

As the major motive of the campaign was to boost app installs, the brand brilliantly planned the process to persuade the users.

Initially, they focussed on creating highly engaging ads to make people aware of the Dineout app and its services.

Now, to tune the user’s mind into considering the app, they included discounts for them while reserving the table at a restaurant. This was purely for nudging the users to install the app.

Lastly, the brand included a CTA towards the end of the ad to let users install the app and make a booking.

Did they Succeed?

The simplistic approach followed by the table reservation brand was triumphant as it witnessed:

  • 7 point boost in the number of bookings made after installing the app.

  • 39% decline in the cost per purchase.

  • 17% decrease in cost per app install.

Products Used:

Lookalike audiences, Instagram stories, Instagram feeds, Ad creative

3) Deezer


The debut Instagram ad campaign by France based streaming service, Deezer saw a 2X boost in conversion rate with automatic placements of ads. Moreover, it also saw a decline in the subscriber acquisition cost.


The primary goal of the campaign was to encourage the audience to install the app while keeping the acquisition cost under control.


The initial step of the approach was to create highly engaging ads for the campaign. So, Deezer roped in their existing product ads and optimized them for Instagram Stories.

The firm also used automatic ad placement on Instagram to attract app installs and kept the ad creative consistent. To make the ads reach the maximum number of potential users, they targeted those who were using the app along with those who were fond of services like music streaming, taxi service, or food delivery.

Buyer’s Journey Targeted:

Deezer formulated their plan in a way that promised a smooth transition of users from viewers to buyers of the app.

The key role was played by the Instagram ad that had eye-pleasing elements. The focus here was to make an impact on the user.

To make the viewers consider the music streaming app for download, the brand added the feature of offline streaming in the ad. This compelled the users to try the app!

Finally, to save their time in looking for the app and installing it, Deezer included a “Download Now” button in the ad itself. This acted as the CTA.

Did they Succeed?

Yes, the 1-month long ad campaign yielded fascinating results like:

  • 52% lower subscriber acquisition cost

  • 2X boost in the conversion rate with automatic placements

Products Used:

Instagram Stories, Ad creative

Want to Create a High-Yielding Ad Campaign for Your Brand?

Targeting the right audience and converting them into leads isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of research and the right strategies.

As different businesses require different techniques, it is essential for you to take a close look at the tools available to you, conduct experiments and analyse the results to sustain only the best-performing sets.

Happy testing!


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