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3 Technology Brands Whose Brand Awareness Enhanced Immensely with Pinterest

The global technology industry is expected to be worth $5.2 trillion in 2020. While emerging technologies generate almost 17% of the global revenue, they are expected to account for nearly half of the global revenue in the coming years.

Naturally, more and more companies want to be a part of this rapidly growing sector, which has made it highly competitive. While technology is one industry where the need for marketing isn’t as pressing as in other industries as consumers would eventually adopt better technologies at their disposal, the importance of getting your brand out there first can’t be stressed enough.

As the dynamics of marketing continue going under massive transformations, there is a need for brands to adopt marketing methods that resonate with their audience at every level. Thus, they have to be on the lookout for newer avenues that can increase their brand awareness and boost their conversions, as Pinterest did for these following three technology brands.

1. Microsoft

Microsoft wanted to boost the awareness for Xbox and reach an engaged audience in Canada.

Their Objectives

With an increased awareness and outreach to a new audience, Microsoft sought to drive traffic to their retailer’s site and boost conversions.

Approach & Solution

The Microsoft team partnered with Pinterest to launch a series of Ads on Black Friday. This Ad campaign ran until Boxing Week and showcased Pins that demonstrated various Xbox features along with images of gamers enjoying their games. The Pins also gave a call to action informing people of the different seasonal sales like the Cyber Monday Deals.

Also, Microsoft ensured that their ads reached their target audience by using keyword and interest targeting. Some of the phrases and terms that they included were Video game genre, toys, and Cyber Monday images.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign for the Xbox resulted in 11 million impressions to their retail partners’ sites, resulting in an engagement rate of almost 5%. The products that they included in the campaign also saw a substantial increase in their sales.

2. Zephyr Mobile

Zephyr Mobile was looking for ways to get more people to download Live Wallpapers Now- one of its most popular apps.

Their Objectives

Zephyr Mobile sought to boost its audience and acquire more customers who would be willing to pay, especially the millennials.

Approach & Solution

As Pinterest is a mobile-centric platform, which is used by many people to look for new ideas, especially by millennials, it was obvious that they decided to join hands with Pinterest.

Zephyr Mobile created a visually appealing campaign around Promoted App Pins that showcased their dynamic wallpapers. Also, they put in place a solid keyword strategy to ensure that they were reaching the right people. They also combined different behaviors, call-to-action messages, and audience demographics to determine what appealed to the Pinners.

They found that Pinners interacting with content related to style, fashion, decor, and travel were the ones who were most likely to click on the Pins. This helped them revamp their targeting strategy and connect with their target audience better.

While they were focusing on general keywords initially, they soon realized that specific keyword targeting delivered better conversion rates. So, they used highly engaging keywords like “live wallpapers”, iPhone X wallpapers”, which helped them reach their targeted audience. Also, they targeted the device type to reach out to people who were using the latest iPhone models.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign helped Zephyr Mobile achieve an increased conversion-to-install rate of 30%. Also, their return on advertisement spend (ROAS) was 15% higher than it was on other platforms. Also, the cost-per-subscriber saw a deduction of 30%.

3. Shaw Communications

Leading connectivity company, Shaw Communications, wanted to ramp up its brand awareness, especially among the millennials.

Their Objectives

By enhancing their brand awareness, Shaw Communications sought to boost its user engagement and eventually its sales.

Approach & Solution

As millennials were at the center of their target audience, Shaw Communications decided to team up with Pinterest, which is quite popular amongst that demographic.

Together, they designed two Pinterest campaigns that would help them increase their overall brand awareness.

They designed two quick Promoted Videos to highlight their fast internet offering, which also boasted of unlimited data. Centered around the theme of everything “unlimited”, these clips also featured an unlimited zorbing ball and an unlimited rollercoaster ride.

Simultaneously, they tapped on the interest of people in technology and entertainment-related things and targeted relevant keywords that would appear in people’s home feeds. This ensured that their content was viewed by the right people.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign delivered impressive results for Shaw Communication and led to a strong engagement at a much lower cost than other platforms. Also, the video view time was 12% longer at half the cost per view.

Wrapping Up

While Pinterest can undoubtedly deliver exceptional results to drive awareness for your brand, including clear calls to action would go an extra mile in ensuring that your customers know what you expect them to do.

Also, experimenting with your keyword phrases can optimize your targeting. So, don’t refrain from expanding your keyword phrases based on internal research or available data.



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