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3 Telecom Brands That Executed Mindblowing Twitter Campaigns

The global telecom services market was worth $2,555.45 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% till 2025 to reach $3,461.03 billion. The ever-increasing spending on 5G infrastructure due to the shift in customer inclination toward next-generation technologies and smartphone devices is one of the key factors that’s driving the growth in the industry.

But good growth always attracts new players and the telecom sector is no different. The presence of so many telecom brands has made this industry highly competitive and brands need to be at the top of their marketing game to stay relevant in the industry. They need to come up with innovative ways to engage more people, just like these three telecom brands did with their impressive Twitter campaigns.

1. T-Mobile

T-mobile wanted to cash in on the buzz around Major League Baseball and drive awareness around its brand.

Their Objective

T-mobile wanted to capitalize upon the conversation going around Major League Baseball (MLB) to raise funds for recovery from extremely hurricane season.

Approach & Solution

T-mobile launched an innovative and multichannel campaign that harnessed the synergy between TV and Twitter to drive impact for their brand. The telecom company donated $10,000 for each home run and $1 for each user mention of the #HR4HR hashtag. These numbers were doubled during the World Series.

T-mobile also involved MLB players, teams, and FOX broadcast to spread awareness and collective action. Moreover, they came up with a pre-poll video that promoted the campaign before game highlights were posted on the MLB Twitter feed to engage a maximum number of baseball fans in the cause.

The Result

The campaign was a massive success and generated over $2.78 million. The hashtag #HR4HR also became a major part of the conversation around the world series with over 46.5M trend impressions.

2. Motorola

Motorola was about to launch its new Moto Z smartphone and was looking for a new and innovative way to promote it.

Their Objective

Motorola sought to drive awareness around its latest launch, find an innovative way to promote its smartphone, and highlight how easily features can be added to the phone.

Approach & Solution

Motorola’s creative agencies, Ogilvy & Mather and Publicis Media’s Motomentum, teamed up with Twitter to create #InASnap, which used First View, Promoted Trend, and a custom finger snap emoji.

The campaign highlighted the innovative features of the phone to users who were looking for a new device and inspired them to rethink how they might use a phone that offers greater flexibility. The custom finger snap emoji drove home the device’s ease of use. Moreover, Motorola used conversational ads to incentivize its audience to respond by offering a Moto Z and Moto Mods package as a prize.

The Result

Motorola’s Twitter campaign delivered the desired results for the telecom brand. #InASnap created a 95% positive sentiment for the brand with more than 87 million brand impressions on Twitter. Also, the hashtag resulted in 24,000 mentions in one day and the custom branded emoji generated 44,000 mentions during the campaign.

3. Vodafone India

Vodafone India sought to drive consumer engagement and brand connect for its SuperNet network.

Their Objective

Vodafone India wanted to drive consumer engagement and brand awareness by leveraging its association with the hugely popular Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament.

Approach & Solution

Vodafone India became the first company in India to create its own emoji. To leverage its existing positive brand sentiment, it put its popular brand mascot, Zoozoo, front and center of the campaign.

Vodafone India used First View with a Promoted Trend and Promoted Tweets to amplify the launch. To drive engagement, Vodafone India also invited Twitter users to share how they were making their day “super” using the #BeSuper hashtag and Zoozoo emoji.

The Result

The success of Vodafone India's Twitter campaign can be gauged from the fact that #BeSuper and its Zoozoo emoji trended #1 nationally on the day of the launch. The campaign garnered over 90 million impressions in only four days while the category Share of Voice (SOV) increased by 250%. Also, the average engagement rate was 1.7% and the campaign received over 250,000 views.

Wrapping Up

While Twitter is undeniably the most widely used platform to present one’s views, it is also cementing its position as an important marketing channel. With its various features like Promoted Trend, Promoted Video, and Promoted Tweets, brands can ensure that they reach a maximum number of people in the least time possible. But leveraging Twitter to your benefit depends on how well you can use it. Formulate a sound strategy for your Twitter campaign and every marketing goal would become attainable.


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