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3 Things That Keep Digital Marketers Awake at Night

Any department head in charge of digital advertising knows the inevitability of change, but there are several subjects that top executives think about, particularly today. While the changes are important, marketers must also consider expansion. They must preserve their brand image and convey messages to audiences, and 'How' is the question.

With so much activity taking place all around, a marketer's job has never been more difficult, and multi-layered marketing strategies are required.

Individuals give different responses to the question, "What keeps you up at night?" For most people, it includes a wailing baby, increasing debt, or longstanding family squabbles. CEO is probably focused on company development, profitability, market share, and competitive advantage, and if you are a marketer, you can add the following to your list.

Tackling Bad Data

Having access to the correct data is critical for those in charge of bringing our product or service to the appropriate audiences. Even after advancements in technology, the problem has not been solved, and incorrect and old data grows ever more prevalent as technology advances. Customization is more important than ever but, without accurate data that can be leveraged across devices and platforms, marketers are limited in their efforts.

Most of us require access to multiple data sources; however, some marketers also need access to historical data, which might not be available due to various challenges. A 2015 study by Experian Information Solutions discovered that 91% of businesses had data problems ranging from duplicate records, missing information, and faulty or out-of-date contact information.

Bad data may single-handedly ruin your marketing efforts since many marketing strategies are based on it. It can generate an incorrect picture of the market, reduce your marketing effectiveness, and harm the efficacy of your total business approach.

Ensuring Customer Experience

Customer experience is already an integral part of digital marketing and has been for quite some time. If your audience struggles to navigate your site, this may indicate a problem and eliminate your opportunity to present your case. The focus on customer experience has become more critical as technology has brought us closer to the consumer. Now, marketers have more information on offer, and they require a fresh perspective on how to generate useful insights

There is a need to create unique experiences for each client, which can be achieved through personalized experiences across all digital touchpoints. The new generation of customers makes purchase decisions based on their experiences with your brand, and marketers must ensure that their channels are integrated to create a memorable experience.

According to Accenture, 89% of customers want to purchase goods in the most convenient way possible, whether that's via mobile devices, in-store transactions, or online catalogs. As a result, 49% of consumers thought businesses should prioritize integrating in-store, online, and mobile channels to improve purchases.

Tracking Efficiency of Marketing Campaigns

Marketing channels tend to expand every year as marketers seek new ways to reach their audiences. The question is, which channel offers the best return on investment? There are variables to consider, such as cost, convenience, and effectiveness of a marketing campaign, and sometimes it is just too much.

One of the biggest issues is determining influencer return on investment. Meanwhile, determining social media influence is well-known, and a Harvard Business Review experiment just recently amplified that worry, showing that simply liking a company on Facebook does not alter behavior or result in purchases.


The need for marketing data is growing with the digital revolution. As marketers, we know that there are many challenges in determining if our marketing tactics are effective. But, when it comes to determining conversion rates, knowing who your target audience is, accessing the right data in real-time, and making sense of all your metrics can make or break a campaign.


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