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[Marketing Guru Video Series] 3 Tips on how to Present Yourself on Social Media

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Elizabeth Taylor, Senior Trainer at ClickAcademy Asia, shares her top tips on how to present yourself on social media.

1. Share some information about yourself

Generally, people buy from people. They want to learn about the people behind the brand and those in the business.

Share your stories, talk about your passions and your values, and what drives you. Share why you set up the business and what you’re trying to achieve and be honest. Say what your challenges have been and how you’ve overcome them.

This often works really well as a strategy to get engagement and empathy with your audience.

2. Focus on building your community

Get to know your followers and who they are.

You can do this by getting their feedback, asking them what their biggest challenges are and what they’re trying to achieve. Maybe do a poll or a quiz in your stories.

Get to know them and their behaviours and interests. Then you can create content that is more tailored to what they want to hear about.

3. Be active

It sounds easy but it is to be there and consistently. Post at least three times a week if you can. Make sure your audience know you’re going to show up, and this is both in your feed and also in stories on Facebook and Instagram. This is a great way to show up in front of your customers.

Make sure you’re providing valuable, relevant and relatable content to your customers, so that they know that you’re someone they want to engage with and follow, and that you’re going to show up.

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