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5 Best Christmas 2022 Ads That Even Santa Would Love

Christmas is still ten days away. And while we have already covered some of the best Christmas 2022 ads in one of our previous blogs, you just can’t get enough of Christmas and the awesome ads that accompany it. Also, there’s only so much that you can cover in one blog.

So, we are back with 5 more amazing Christmas 2022 ads to give you further insights into what brands are doing to attract potential customers. While many of the ads in our previous Christmas blog revolved around compassion and the overall concept of giving and caring, the ads covered in this blog are more about fun and the overall festivities that are part of Christmas.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at 5 stupendous Christmas 2022 ads that made all the right noise.

1. Asda: Have Your Elf a Merry Christmas

Asda’s 2022 Christmas ad features a Christmas-loving character Buddy the Elf, which is played by Will Ferell. The ad opens with a loving homage to the movie’s memorable ‘street crossing scene’. But instead of the New York cab, we are greeted with a train of Asda shopping trolleys, thereby prompting Buddy to exclaim “sorry!” as he crashes into it.

This leads to a chaotic sequence of events, which sees Buddy getting astounded at Asda’s selection of Christmas goodies, eating all the maple-pigs-in-blankets samples, distracting colleagues with his Christmas plans, and singing at the top of his voice over the store Tannoy.

What I loved the most about this ad was how it uses the original footage from the film without ever letting us see where the latest bits have been added.

2. Morrisons: Farmer Christmas Returns

Morrisons’ 2021 Christmas ad campaign saw the introduction of the Farmer Christmas character and it paid heavy dividends. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the character has been integrated throughout the 2022 Christmas ad campaign.

The ad once again sheds light on the work put in by British farmers to make Christmas special and pays tribute to Morrisons’ workers- the “real life elves” who make more than half of the fresh food that the supermarket chain produces. The 60-second spot finishes with Farmer Christmas proudly announcing that Morrisons is the “only supermarket to be officially approved” by him because of its commitment to British farming.

You can say they are blowing their own trumpet but the ‘Officially Approved By Father Christmas’ stamp would feature throughout the festive campaign in-store and across paid media. Now, that’s some serious advertising, isn’t it?

3. Aldi: He Shoots, He Scores.. Or Does He?

Having a FIFA World Cup in December can give marketers cold feet since it would mean working on two different ad campaigns. But Aldi came up with a stunning fusion that comprised the best of both worlds- FIFA World Cup and Christmas.

The 50-second spot shows Kevin the carrot with his family at the airport departure lounge, preparing for a trip to Paris. While reading the newspaper, Kevin expresses his annoyance over holding the tournament in December and screws up the newspaper and tosses it away-only for some football characters to use the tossed away newspaper as a football. What follows next are 40 fun seconds, packed with puns on football stars’ names, including Messy, Macaroons, and Marrowdona.

4. Matalan: The Christmas Cupboard

Like the other brands mentioned in this blog, Matalan also shies away from depicting the low mood in the country and instead sticks to the idea of a fun-filled Christmas.

The 30-second spot opens with a girl stepping through a magical Christmas cupboard and takes us through a Narnia-style journey featuring its fashion and homeware collections. As she pictures herself in her Christmas future, she mentally checks things off her to-do list. The concept resonates with the brand’s research which clearly shows that customers love preparing for Christmas while highlighting the value that Matalan offers.

5. Argos: They’re Coming, Be Ready

How many guests are too many guests? Well, if you were to ask that question to Argos, you would probably get no answer since no number is too big for the general merchandise retailer. And that’s probably why this ad would resonate the most with people who will be hosting others this Christmas.

The ad revolves around a young couple who are expecting a small and quiet dinner but are surprised when the entire city turns up for the occasion. The 52-second joyful spot serves as a pleasant reminder of the return of the big Christmas get-together with the message- “they’re coming, be ready”.

Wrapping Up

With the impact of COVID-19 slowly ebbing away and the return of normalcy in most quarters, brands have also begun coming up with more cheerful and joyful ad campaigns. And Christmas, which is known for its rich festivities, is surely an occasion that brands would like to leverage to spread a positive message everywhere. And it looks like they have been doing a fine job so far this year.


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