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5 Best CNY 2023 Ads That Will Create the Perfect Build-Up for the Chinese New Year

We have covered some of the best Singaporean and Malaysian CNY ads from the last year in our previous blogs. As we near the year of the rabbit, brands from all around the world have started dishing out festive ads to celebrate new year's day. From funny and quirky to emotional and truly heartwarming, CNY 2023 ads have all the flavors.

So, sit back, grab some snacks, and get ready to enjoy as we are here with 5 amazing CNY 2023 ads that will set the perfect tone for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

1. RHB Bank: A Clean Start

Just like last year, our this year’s list of best CNY ads again begins with the RHB Bank’s advert. It looks like RHB Bank has perfected the art of coming up with the most emotionally stirring CNY commercials and this year’s ad is no different.

The ad is based on a true story and shows a homeless man suffering on the streets of the city. A caring barber lends him a helping hand by giving him a badly needed haircut and supporting him in his journey to reuniting with his mother- just in time for the Chinese New year.

As the ad ends, we are told about the charitable work done by Lex Low, a kind local barber who gives free haircuts to homeless people in Malaysia. After all, is it really a new year if you have people suffering all around you? Kudos to RHB Bank for coming up with this kind-hearted ad!

2. Mr. DIY: The Rude Girl

The second ad on our list is again on the emotional side. The commercial shows a new resident moving into a flat and leaving a poor impression on other residents of the society as they deem her insensitive to everyone’s plight and dismiss her as rude.

One day, she rescues an elderly neighbor from a fire probably caused by a gas leak but is herself injured. In the hospital, it is revealed that she is deaf, which explains her perceived insensitivity to others and everyone realizes that she wasn’t deliberately ignoring their greetings or acknowledgments.

The residents then go out of their way to welcome her back and accept her as part of their bigger family. A sweet ending to a moving story!

3. Jasmine Rice: Priceless Memories

The Chinese New Year is all about prosperity, family, togetherness, and most importantly, tradition. And this advert by Jasmine Rice explains what role traditions play in defining the very essence of any festive occasion.

The ad is played from the perspective of a guy, who sees his parents taking a portion out of their meals every new year, right since he was very young. As he slowly begins to understand that the food taken out of their share is meant for the poor and needy, he still can’t figure out why they can’t simply cook extra food.

But when he himself becomes a father, he also passes on this tradition to his son as he begins to realize that it is not just about donating food to the hungry, the point is sharing food from your share. That way, you truly share your happiness with others.

4. Listerine: It’s Time to Swish Away Suay

From emotional and heartwarming CNY commercials, it’s time we moved on to more funny ones. And this Listerine CNY ad does the job perfectly.

Bad mouth odor, plaque-infected teeth, and weak gums are wreaking havoc in this ad as a woman is trying hard to get a decent family photograph with her relatives. Thankfully, she has Listerine to help her out. Watch this ad for a hearty laugh.

5. Pepsi: Save the Drama

While refreshments are important in any family gathering, seeing half-drunk cans of beverage left all around your house is never a sight to behold. With that in mind, Pepsi’s CNY 2023 ad begins and ends on a hilarious note.

The ad shows a woman leaving without finishing her can of carbonated drink, which throws her male companions into a frenzy. As they pressure her to finish her can of soft drink, she pulls out a 1.5-liter bottle of Pepsi to save the day. The ad is a creative way of teaching viewers to mind their food and drink and encouraging them to purchase bottles instead of cans.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the best 2023 Chinese New Year commercials. Like the last year, the ads this year again have a mix of hope, fun, and kindness. And that pretty much sums up the very essence of the Chinese New Year.

We’ll be back with more CNY 2023 ads for you before new year’s day. Till then, stay tuned!


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