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5 Creative Ways to Personalize Your ABM Strategy

It's perfectly normal to stick to a marketing strategy if it has proven successful for your business. However, one of the most effective ways to keep your marketing strategy dynamic is to inject fresh ideas, talking points, tactical approaches, and creative messaging.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) or ABM is an excellent approach to reach this, especially since it is a highly effective sales technique. ABM is often defined as targeted marketing and sales activities designed to engage decision-makers at target accounts to accelerate opportunities for revenue growth. This means that ABMs focuses on selling and marketing strategically and deliberately toward specific segments instead of a mass market.

Here are some creative ways which you can use to personalize your ABM strategy.

Personalize Your Content or Create Specific Landing Pages

From personalization, 93% of companies experience an incredible lift in conversion rates, reported by Econsultancy.

Personalization ensures that your website and landing pages speak to the person viewing them. This means you should add a specific personalization strategy for your target accounts. This will help present the content from a perspective that your leads want to hear so they can have an engaging experience while on your site, which will eventually convert them into leads and sales.

Another great way to personalize your ABM strategy is by including customized videos and other types of content. You can either create the video content yourself or you could partner with a company that can help you out. This will ensure that your target account sees relevant and targeted messaging, increasing their chances of converting.

Target Ads Using Buyer's Persona

Targeting ads toward specific buyers is another great way to inject fresh ideas into your sales strategy. You can create different personas for each of your target accounts, which will help personalize your ad campaigns according to their needs and wants.

This will also make sure that buyers see ads relevant to them instead of general ads that won't interest them as much.

Tell a Brand Story to Connect With Target Accounts

Another creative idea you can add to your ABM is telling a STORY. This might sound strange at first, but the truth is that storytelling in business marketing has been around for years, and it continues to be a great way to connect with your target accounts.

Although a brand story will be different for each target account - it highlights what makes a business unique by showcasing real-life examples of how their services or products impact the users.

A Customized Sales Pitch Based on the Account's Needs

To keep things interesting, personalize everything from an account's website experience to their email interactions, and ensure your pitch messaging will be personalized. For example, suppose you know an account has purchased products related to marketing automation in the past. In that case, you will want to highlight that area when pitching them ABM because they are most likely to be interested in. However, if an account has not purchased anything like this in the past, you will want to highlight another area.

Make sure your pitch touches on all of their pain points, so they feel intrigued enough to continue reading and eventually talk with you.

Create a Personalized Email Template

Most conventional marketing approaches, such as direct mail, are most effective when they directly mention the recipient's difficulties and offer a solution. Hence, instead of sending mass emails or incorporating your target accounts into a sales or marketing email sequence, consider delivering a personalized message instead.

You can create different email templates for each of your target accounts while ensuring that the content within them is relevant.


There you have it, some great ways to add creativity and personalization into your ABM strategy. If you are ready to take your business marketing strategy up a notch by using some creative ideas, then account-based marketing might be just what you need to achieve success.

With these unique strategies, your sales team will have an advantage over other companies since they are putting thoughtful effort into each sales interaction with target accounts which means more opportunities for revenue growth!


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