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5 Emotional Ads That Showed The LGBTQ Community In A Positive Light Online

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

With the LGBTQ community gradually gaining rights and wider acceptance, even some of the biggest brands from across the globe have now begun to showcase them in their commercials. This has made a significant impact on modern perception towards the LGBTQ community, thereby, creating more opportunities for them to bring forth their stories.

Honestly, I feel the world would be a much better place if men were more open-minded towards varying sexual orientations. It’s no wonder that the biggest opposition to the sexual identities of homosexuals comes from within their families, especially from their fathers. Therefore, the onus of making this world more inclusive lies a lot on us, the menfolk! And that was perfectly understood by some of these brands that we’re going to discuss in today’s blog.

So, here are 5 amazing gay-inclusive ads that will make many of you cry and wonder what can be done to create more such real-life examples.

1. Smart Communications: Break Down Barriers And Welcome Change

Philippine-based telecom company Smart Communications came up with a heartwarming ad that showcased a father breaking barriers and accepting his son for who he was.

The features a man trying to connect with his son on Facebook. However, the son keeps dodging his father’s requests as he is not sure how his father might react once he sees his pictures with his male partner. However, the father eventually comes to know about his son’s sexual orientation and accepts him wholeheartedly towards the end of the ad.

What a relief it must feel for hundreds and thousands of homosexuals out there when their parents accept and welcome them with open arms, almost as if they have some weight off their chests!

2. Kodak: Understanding

Kodak came up with a powerful ad in 2016 that depicted the transformational power of love and happiness.

The ad shows a father struggling to come to terms with his son’s sexuality. However, when he finds out about the bond his son shares with his partner and the beautiful relationship that the two have, he probably understands how meaningful it is, or at least he tries to. And that’s all that we need sometimes- someone who tries to understand!

Watch the ad but beware of the waterworks ahead!

3. Bench: How Long Can You Keep A Secret?

Here’s another commercial by Perfume company Bench that captures the relationship between a young gay boy and his father.

The ad shows a young homosexual lad trying to woo his crush by using the Bench perfume. All this while, we are under the impression that the boy’s father thinks that he has gotten himself a girlfriend, whose fragrance lingers on his clothes. But when the boy feels dejected after seeing his crush with a girl, his father leaves him a note that can cheer up anyone. Also, that’s when we find out that he knew about his son’s secret all along!

The ad begins on a funny note but wells up your eyes by the end.

4. Homecoming: Coalition for Equal Marriage

The Coalition for Equal Marriage is a British campaign group created in 2012 by Conor Marron and James Lattimore, a same-sex couple, to petition in support of civil marriages for gay couples. It was created in response to the Coalition for Marriage, a Christian group campaigning against same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom.

Lattimore and his partner came up with this awesome ad in 2012 that showed a man returning from war and being greeted by his partner. This heartwarming ad reflects the need for inclusivity and highlights that marriage isn’t an institution reserved only for straight couples. Instead, everyone has an equal claim on it and no group has a monopoly over this sacred institution.

5. Doritos: The Best Gift

And here’s my favorite one from the list. Like the first three ads, this one also revolves around the relationship between a father and his gay son. Based on a true story, Doritos released this touching advert for the 2020 holiday season.

The ad showcases a young boy visiting his home with his male partner. Back home, he tries hard to conceal his sexuality from his father. However, he soon finds out about his son and turns to Reddit for advice on how he can convey to him that he loves him regardless of his sexual orientation.

Eventually, a hug is all it takes to break the ice between the father-son duo.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the best gay commercials. Most of these ads revolved around fathers accepting their sons’ sexual identities. And that is an indication that the menfolk will have to step up first if homosexuals are to gain wider acceptability in society.

We’ll be back tomorrow with some more awesome commercials. The ones covered in this blog were emotional; watch out for funny gay commercials, which we’ll be covering in tomorrow’s #FunnyFridays segment. Till then, stay tuned!


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