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5 Emotional CNY 2024 Averts That Underscored The Importance of Family & Togetherness

Other than endless humor, if there’s one element that you’d observe in almost every Chinese New Year advert, it’s the significance of family and togetherness. I mean just take a look at dozens of adverts that are released every Lunar Year with the theme of a son, daughter, or sibling coming back home on the new year every season. And yet we never seem to get bored of this recurring theme. It’s probably because we understand how critical a role it plays in our own lives and these CNY adverts only amplify its significance even further.

So, here we are with 5 emotional CNY 2024 commercials that highlight the significance of family bonding and togetherness.

1. Panda Express: Traditions Shared

Short, sweet, and crisp- that’s how I’d define this CNY advert by the American fast food restaurant chain Panda Express.

The 100-second spot shows a Southeast Asian man Mr. Lee inviting a young boy named Jordan to his home on the Chinese New Year. Touched by their warm reception and hospitality, Jordan learns a thing or two about the CNY tradition. Years later, when Mr. Lee is celebrating the New Year with his family over a video call, Jordan returns to wish him a very happy New Year. He also brings along a gift to pay his respect.

The real happiness lies in sharing it with others, doesn’t it?

2. Eu Yan Sang Malaysia: AI Is Love

Health and wellness brand Eu Yan Sang released a heartwarming CNY advert this year that follows the same old script of children coming home over the New Year. However, this might kickstart the waterworks; so keep those tissues handy.

The advert shows a father and his three children communicating with each other over WhatsApp. The tone of their communication seems to suggest that the familial ties have eroded over time. However, it’s later revealed that their estranged behavior comes from a great personal loss. How the family members navigate through the emotional turmoil and become each other’s strength forms the crux of this 7-minute-long spot.

3. Yeo’s Malaysia: Warmth of Sketch

If you have ever missed the New Year after it has passed as a child, then this Yeo’s advert is for you.

This 100-second commercial shows a kid getting the CNY date wrong and later getting dejected after finding out the same. When he bemoans why every day can’t be a reunion, we are all transported back to our childhood when we used to eagerly wait for the CNY and the sadness that used to linger in our hearts after it had passed. Fortunately, the kid has an elder sister to help him relive the festivities of the new year.

4. Gamuda Land: What’s Wrong, Mr. Ong

Have you ever wondered what makes the Chinese New Year or any other festive occasion so special? Is it because of the festivities or the people we celebrate these days with that make these occasions so important? Well, this wonderful advert by the property development company Gamuda Land not only asked these questions but also answered them in the best way possible.

The advert shows a man being particularly obstinate about how he wanted things on the New Year. But while he seems to be doing so to ensure that everything is perfect and fits the occasion, his son seems to have had enough. So, when the young boy seems to be enjoying a community CNY party much more than he does at home and openly admits to it too, the father understands an important lesson i.e.; it’s not the things but the people who make an occasion perfect.

5. UCSI University: You And I

And here’s the commercial that will perfectly summarize the fundamental idea behind this blog- the role of family and the importance of togetherness.

The advert revolves around a married couple where both the husband and wife are adamant about celebrating the Chinese New Year with their respective families. After endless arguments, the wife packs her bags and leaves for her home. But thanks to their families, they meet again over the CNY reunion party. Eyes meet, hearts melt, and grievances fade away like they were never there in this 6-minute commercial by UCSI University.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the most emotional CNY 2024 adverts. The significance of family can never be overstated in one’s life. And these New Year adverts do a terrific job of capturing the importance of togetherness on important occasions such as the Chinese New Year.

We’ll be back with more wonderful commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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