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5 Father’s Day 2023 Commercials That Will Leave You Chuckling

Father’s Day is here and so are we with yet another segment of amazing Father’s Day commercials. Now, over the last few weeks, we have written extensively about some of the best commercials ever made on Father’s Day. While most of those were absolute tear-jerkers, others had a feel-good factor about them that one just can’t miss.

So, we thought how about covering some of the hilarious ones this week, which will introduce you to fathers’ funny side. So, here are 5 funny Father’s Day 2023 ads that projected dads more like our buddies than those usual straight-faced individuals with a serious demeanor.

1. Thortful

I have often said that Father’s Day doesn’t get as much attention as Mother’s Day. Most of you fellows out there might not even know when it is! Don’t you even get me started on Men’s Day; yup, that exists too!

Thankfully, UK-based online greeting company Thortful was thoughtful enough to greet fathers with this funny 30-second spot. What’s more, it even advises kids to reserve for fathers some of that “ooey gooey, no holding back, stretch your tear ducts in preparation” kind of love, which is often kept aside for mothers only.

If this doesn’t spur you to do something special for your dad this Father’s Day, I don’t know what will!

2. Omaha Steaks

All that a father wants on Father's Day is a steak! Could getting your dad a good gift on Father’s Day be any more simple?

Food retailer company Omaha Steaks came up with a small ad this Father’s Day that clearly says that fathers are absolutely zero-maintenance assets that one could have in their lives. Get them steaks on Father’s Day and they’d be the happiest people on earth. And they aren’t wrong; I’d prefer steaks too instead of those fancy gifts on my birthday.

Looks like I finally know what to gift my dad from now on!

3. M&S

Fathers know how to bring a smile to their children’s faces. And this M&S commercial proves that beyond doubt.

The ad shows a young girl, who’s heartbroken after a break-up with her boyfriend and is visibly upset. When her dad sees her throwing a picture of hers and her boyfriend, he does something which instantly brings a smile to her face. The ad isn’t exactly funny but it is incredibly cute!

4. Fireball

Just like Omax Steaks, whisky brand Fireball also has a suggestion on what you can gift your dad this Father’s Day. Introducing Fireball Dragon Reserve, the first-ever, limited-edition, bourbon barrel-aged whisky from Fireball, brought to you by the American actor Rob Riggle.

As per Riggle, he has received his share of bad Father’s Day gifts. So, instead of getting those same boring gifts again, Riggle advises children to gift their fathers Fireball Dragon Reserve. What’s best? It doesn’t even have to be Father’s Day for you to enjoy this amazing gift, well at least Riggle doesn’t seem to care when it is gifted!

5. Licious

Well, I am no fan of gender stereotypes and certainly don’t believe in the concept of defining gender roles. But the truth is that this is how it is in many parts of the world. For example, in India, the job of purchasing mutton is left to fathers.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of the fresh meat delivery platform Licious, fathers seem to have lost that job. And they couldn’t be more unhappy about that. The ad showcases three grumpy fathers, whose retirement from the job of purchasing mutton seems to be taking a toll on their mood. Thankfully, they have freshly ordered mutton from Licious to brighten up their mood.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the funniest Father’s Day commercials from 2023. Unlike some of the more emotional adverts, the ads covered in this blog tend to be on the humorous side. And that fully explains our fathers- a mix of emotion, sincerity, and silliness!

We’ll be back with more awesome commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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