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5 Funniest Commercials Starring Korean Pop Stars

Hello everyone, we’re back with yet another segment of #FunnyFridays where we bring to you some of the funniest commercials on the Internet. While we served you with some of the weirdest Korean commercials yesterday, it’s time for you to also acquaint yourself with the funny ones doing the rounds. And what could be better for a brand than dishing out a hilarious commercial that also features some of the biggest Korean pop stars?

So, here we are with 5 hilarious commercials that were further enhanced with the presence of these top Korean pop stars.

1. Mala BBQ Chicken Starring BTS

Our list starts off with the most popular pop band currently i.e., BTS, who feature in this commercial for Mala BBQ Chicken.

The BTS boys deliver melodramatically funny reactions while eating chicken. The tears in slow motion and over-the-top crying accompanied by Spanish Telenova music in the background is simply a work of genius. The best part about the commercial is that you don’t know what the commercial is for until you see these guys having chicken and that’s when you realize that all the tears were meant for that, which is why it becomes funnier.

2. iStation PMP Starring Big Bang

Imagine attending a concert by Big Bang. Seems amazing, right? Now imagine having an electronic device that could help you summon Big Bang to a place of your choosing and getting them to do whatever you want. This commercial is exactly about making Big Bang boys dance to your tunes, quite literally.

The commercial features a girl using an app that makes the Big Bang members appear before her. While Seungri starts dancing for her, Taeyang serenades her, G-Dragon acts cute, Daesung sings Trot, and T.O.P stares at her with his smoldering eyes.

Uh, can someone help me get this app, please?

3. Kolon Sport Starring EXO

This commercial is like a reverse Cinderella story with a sole difference- instead of boys finding Cinderella's slipper, the girl in the commercial runs away with Prince Charming’s aka EXO’s sports shoes.

EXO comes up with cute dance moves, which are on display throughout the commercial. The boys look incredibly handsome but ultimately it becomes all about Tao’s comical facial expressions towards the end of the ad.

4. Samsung Galaxy Starring IU

They say what you seek is seeking you and this commercial is a prime example of that saying.

This cute and funny commercial revolves around an IU fanboy who doesn’t notice IU on the bus behind him and repeatedly ignores her efforts to interact with him. He finally recognizes her but by that time she’s already gotten off the bus.

The commercial is particularly interesting because in one of her recent vlogs on her YouTube channel, IU speaks about a tourist coming up to her and saying that she looked like IU without realizing that it was indeed her.

5. Samsung Pay Shopping Starring Wanna One

This commercial for Samsung Pay Shopping stars members from Wanna one with each of the members showcasing their unique charms in the commercial.

While Kang Daniel is shown engaging in fake surfing, Ong Seong Wu is shown overdoing the acting on the weights. While the Wanna One members certainly had us all giggling, were they given any script for this at all? Honestly, I don’t think so!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another #FunnyFridays segment. South Korean commercials are second to no one when it comes to tapping upon humor. Well, add some Korean pop stars to the mix and you’ll have the perfect commercial at your disposal that will not only get you the laughs but also keep your audience hooked to the commercial.

We’ll be back with more awesome commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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