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5 Funny Commercials Featuring Australian Cricketers That Will Set Your Mood for T20 World Cup 2022

So, the T20 Cricket World Cup 2022 is heading toward its grand finale, where the stage is set for a nail-biting contest between the winners of the two semi-final games. The catch is that Australia wasn't a part of either of those two semi-finals despite being the hosts of this year’s world cup and the champions of last year's tournament. Well, rightfully earning the moniker of World Cup of upsets, this year's tournament saw the defending champions being knocked out of the semi-final contention- majorly because of their big and surprising loss in their opening game against the Kiwis.

But that won’t change the fact that Australia is currently one of the best sides in international cricket and their ouster from the tournament is truly ironic.

Therefore, we thought why not cover some of the funniest commercials featuring Aussie cricketers for this week’s #FunnyFridays segment? So, here we are with 5 funny commercials featuring Australian cricketers.

1. Shane Warne: Marshall Batteries

So, we all know the late cricketing legend Shane Warne had made quite a reputation for himself as far as his off-field activities were concerned.

This commercial seems to be taking a leaf out of Warnie’s life and shows him landing himself in a jeopardy. Thanks to Marshall Batteries’ quick response time, Warnie wasn’t just saved from the ignominy of facing the husband of the woman he was involved with but also the punches!

2. Pat Cummins: Alinta Energy

We all know how energetic and athletic Cummins is usually on the field. But Alinta Energy sought to take his incredible energy to a whole another level with this commercial.

The commercial showcases Cummins indulging in high-level acrobatics as his teammates like Aaron Finch, Josh Hazelwood, and Shaun Marsh look on and expect him to resume bowling. Why all that celebration you’d ask? Well, watch the ad and you’d know.

3. Adam Gilchrist: Castrol

Australian cricketers are incredibly popular in Asia, especially India. And this commercial is a testimony to that.

The ad shows the former Australian vice-captain and wicket-keeper, Adam Gilchrist, trying to dodge Indian fans who recognize him when he goes out in the market. With hundreds and thousands of people trying to get a piece of him, Gilchrist gets into a taxi only to be told by the driver that he would have to wait until the engine heated up. And that’s when the makers pitch Castrol as a viable alternative that can get your vehicle started as soon as you turn the key.

While I get the concept and also found the don’t-give-a-damn attitude of the driver somewhat funny, why did they have to project in the commercial as if Gilly was trying to run away from zombies???

4. Andrew Symonds: IPL

The love-hate affair that the late Andre Symonds shared with India is known to every cricket lover. And this commercial tried to make the most of that bitter-sweet relationship.

After his rather acrid experiences during the 2007-08 tour to India where he almost single-handedly helped the Aussies win the ODI series, Symonds was drafted into the Deccan Chargers squad for the inaugural Indian Premier League in 2008. What you will see in the commercial is just an anecdote of the love that the Indian audiences had for Symonds.

5. Shane Warne: Pepsi

Well, we just can’t get enough of the late Shane Warne. And what better way to remember him than adding to this list this commercial featuring Sachin Tendulkar, with whom Warnie had quite a few memorable encounters on the field?

Released during the 2003 World Cup, the commercial shows Shane Warne and West Indies player Carl Hooper trying to send him off to Honolulu after the batting legend loses his memory. However, Tendulkar gets off the plane just in the nick of time and instead, the plane takes off with Warne and Hooper in it.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the funniest commercials featuring Aussie cricketers. And you must admit, none of them except Warne could replicate in acting even an ounce of the talent that they possess in cricket. But all of them are pretty good in the sport they play and that’s probably why we are still talking about Australia regardless of whether or not they make it to the semifinals.

We’ll be back with more amazing videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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