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5 Funny Commercials That Prove Nothing Sells Better Than Sex + Humor

The young love it, adults love it, and the old love it too. Yup, it’s sex! Call me deranged, demented, or a pervert- it’s a fact universally acknowledged that nothing sells more than the anticipation of watching two people engaged in some wild lovemaking sequences in the advertisement world. However, racy adverts have a limited shelf life and tend to lose their attraction after a few weeks at the most. Add a tinge of humor to it instead and you can have an evergreen ad at your disposal.

So, for today’s #FunnyFridays blog, we are here with 5 hilarious ads that used just the right mix of sex and humor to sell their brands.

1. Sky Radio

Getting cuckolded by someone is probably the worst feeling a man can go through. One of my best friends can testify to that. Ahem ahem! But as insensitive as I might seem to you folks, even you would admit that there’s a certain element of dark humor in such situations. And this ad by Sky Radio leverages the concept of cuckoldry as well as anybody can.

The ad shows a man finding a vehicle parked outside his home upon reaching his place. Suspecting his wife of infidelity, he starts looking for her paramour. The fellow had so far been doing a good job at hiding himself inside a small cabinet affixed to one of the walls of their bedroom until the husband turns off the song playing on the radio and hears the guy humming the song from inside the cabinet.

Lesson learned- there are only so many things you can do while you’re also doing someone else’s wife; humming to a song playing on the radio should be the last thing on your mind.

2. Sensoa

Youngsters often have a lot of questions about sex. The right way of indulging in sex would be to get answers to your questions first and then embark upon your sexual escapades.

But the girl in this Sensoa commercial found it too time-consuming to seek answers to her questions and decided to dive into it right away. What we, therefore, get to see is a girl rushing to her room with her mouth filled with something, typing something on her laptop, and then puking whatever she had inside her mouth.

Just when you begin wondering what she looked for on her laptop, the big revelation finally dawns upon us.

A small suggestion for men- keep your wives and girlfriends from watching this ad!

3. Durex

One of the greatest achievements of the 21st century has been the introduction of different flavors in condoms. Whether it’s vanilla, strawberry, bacon, cola, or grape- Durex has got something for everyone. Avoid the chocolate flavor though; this ad will tell you why!

The commercial shows a milkman having affairs with different women, all of whom have one thing in common- tooth decay. Why? I’ll leave that to your imagination. Toward the end of the ad, we finally see one woman with the perfect set of teeth. And just when you start thinking that there’s at least one woman who managed to resist the milkman’s charms, we see a sheep with rotten teeth.

The message- everyone loves Durex, even sheep!

4. Nomad Mobile Phone

This commercial by Nomad Mobile Phone works on the classical premise of the transgender or same-sex wife.

The advert opens with a man and a woman getting married in a church. Back into their wedding suite, the wife heads to the washroom after an intense love-making session. The husband, like any other newly married excited man, heads towards the washroom and sees his wife taking a leak, standing. Ohh the horror!

What I failed to grasp was his astonishment at the sudden revelation. I mean didn’t he already know; they were in the bed with their bodies entwined moments ago. How on earth could you miss something like that? Anyway, the tagline at the end is completely in line with the purpose of the burner phone, which makes the ad truly awesome.

5. Unknown Ad

I couldn’t find out the brand behind this ad. But it was simply too good to not be on this list. So, I included this commercial that seeks to highlight the ill effects of engaging in sexual activities online. And boy, this ad was funny and impactful at the same time.

So, the commercial opens with a guy engaging in online video sex with a girl whose face he couldn’t see since he’s called downstairs by his parents to join them for the meal. They are joined at the table by a girl who’s probably the boy’s sister. And that’s when he notices that his sister is wearing the same t-shirt as the girl he met online moments ago. His doubts are confirmed when his sister identifies him with his t-shirt too.

Ohh boy, those kids are scarred for life!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another #FunnyFridays segment. Brands have tried to leverage sex and glamor for advertisements many times in the past. But commercials have to have the x-factor to keep them in the audience’s memory for a long time. And humor can certainly play a key role in granting adverts that x-factor.

We’ll be back with more amazing ad campaigns. Till then, stay tuned!


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