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5 Funny Halloween-Themed Ads That'll Leave You Chuckling Through The Week

I know it’s been a week since Halloween but we just can’t have enough of it especially, when it’s one of the best times for brands to unleash their marketing creativity. And believe me, companies have always made the most of Halloween to engage with their existing clientele and acquire new customers.

So, here we are again with 5 hilarious Halloween-themed adverts that will not only leave you in splits but also a long-lasting impression of these brands. Let’s take a look at these.

1. Snickers: Horseless Headman

You aren’t ‘you’ when you haven’t had a Snickers bar for a long time. Well, at least that’s how it markets itself and that’s the premise of this hilarious 30-second spot too.

The ad shows a weird guy with a giant head walking toward a group of kids trying to scare them. But instead of being scared of him, the kids take pity on him. Why? He calls himself the “Horseless Headman”😂 Imagine being scared of someone like that!

Fortunately for the Horseless Headman, one of the kids offers him a Snickers bar, which helps him get back to his real form of the Headless Horseman. Now that’s something being worth scared of!

2. Skittles: Giant Talking Spider

If dark humor is your thing, you’d surely love this one, especially if you are fond of giant spiders.

This 45-second Skittles ad shows a boy named Billy looking for his friend Ted, who is entangled in a cobweb. When Billy asks Ted what he is doing up there, Ted tells him that he was trying to get the Skittles packets from the cobweb but he got stuck. That’s when a giant spider descends from the top and spurs Billy to get the Skittles packets. Later, the giant spider is seen telling the audience that he became friends with Billy and they shared endless laughter thereafter, only to reveal that he was merely joking and he actually ate up the boy! Now that’s some joke, spidy!

3. Nike: Run for Your Life

Nike has had a rich legacy in manufacturing sports shoes and it couldn’t have marketed its products better than the way it did in this 60-second advert.

The commercial follows the popular premise of a young woman who’s alone at home being attacked by Leatherface, the chainsaw-wielding killer from the popular movie ‘The Texas Chain-Saw Massacre’. The woman screams and runs for her life in her Nike shoes and soon outruns the killer who is tired from the chase.

Nice branding, Nike!

4. Pepsi: Nothing Else Is Pepsi

This 1995 Pepsi commercial will surely take you down memory lane and leave you with a bit of laughter and lots of nostalgia.

The ad begins with the camera taking the audience through a large, vacant house with eerie music playing in the background and a repeated thudding sound coming from somewhere inside the house. As the camera guides viewers to the dining area, we see a refrigerator and to everyone’s delight, Caper, the friendly ghost, comes out of it. But to his utter dismay, the Pepsi can he’s been holding onto remains stuck inside the refrigerator as it’s in a solid form.

I wish someone could help poor Casper get his Pepsi.

5. PETA: Elvira Ad

Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark, has been a long-time supporter of the vegan diet and PETA roped her in for this Halloween advert to further its cause of putting an end to meat consumption.

The ad shows a zombie about to feast upon a dead person when Elvira strikes the zombie on its head and chides him for consuming meat. She then goes on to say that dead things should be buried, not eaten, and advises the audience to turn vegetarian.

Not sure how many people followed her advice but the Mistress of the Dark surely looks stunning in this one.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the funniest Halloween commercials. Halloween is always associated with fun and laughter and these adverts do the utmost justice to the overall concept of Halloween. If you’re planning to launch a Halloween ad campaign for your brand next year, these adverts will serve as inspiration.

We’ll be back with more awesome videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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