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5 Funny Singaporean Commercials That Will Brighten Up Your Weekend

And we are back with yet another #FunnyFridays segment. Yeah, I know, we just can’t get enough of Singaporean commercials. But the truth is that they have come up with some of the most hilarious commercials over the years. So, what’s the harm in covering them?

So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into 5 of the funniest Singaporean commercials from recent times.

1. Mocca: Muscleman

You’ve got to be a genius if you didn’t spend the first 15 seconds of this commercial trying to figure out what on earth they are selling.

As it turns out, Mocca Muscleman was trying to sell his house as Mocca advertised its services as an online classified ads service. But it couldn’t have been more challenging to get the message while being distracted by all the bulging muscles on the screen.

2. Singapore LTA: PCK Train Rap

Singaporeans love Phua Chu Kang and this is evident from Singapore’s Land Transport Authority signing him up for its courtesy campaign.

The video features Gurmit Singh aka the contractor educating travelers about the basic etiquette while traveling on a train. Well, I am not sure if the trash-talking contractor did an effective job here. But it certainly got us plenty of laughs.

3. Snickers: The Best Comeback

This commercial will remind everyone of the Hungry Betty White commercial if they have seen it. While the plot of the commercial remains quite similar to the Betty White commercial, the Chinese opera singer and her sass clearly steal the show here.

The ad tells us that we are no longer ourselves when we’re hungry. And a Snickers bar is all we need to get our energy back. Really? Not really sure about the brand, but the exchange between the singer and one of the players definitely gave us one of the best comebacks.

“My grandmother can play better lah!” “You call your grandmother play lor!”😂

4. MRT Singapore: Dim Sum Dollies Song

After PCK attempted to promote graciousness on public transport in 2009, the Dim Sum Dollies tried getting Singaporeans to be nice while traveling.

I am not sure whether or not I remembered to love my rides. However, their catchy jingles definitely got into my mind and never came out.

“Train is coming, train is coming, train is coming~!”

Aghh, it starts getting less entertaining (annoying tbh) after the first five times you have heard it!

5. Starhub: The Cute Dog

This commercial was meant to highlight Starhub’s network coverage all over the globe. Instead, it made Sparky popular all over Singapore.

The ad shows Sparky the dog swallowing a phone and running around with it merrily while the phone rings in her tummy. While it’s one of the most creative ways of delivering the message of extensive network coverage, people remembered the cute dog more than Starhub and its amazing services.

Bottom Line

And that was a wrap of yet another #FunnyFridays segment. Most Singaporean commercials have a light touch of humor which makes them pleasant to watch. If you’re a budding marketer, these 5 commercials will give you an idea of what your audience might expect from your content.

We’ll be back with more commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned.

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