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5 Funny Thai Commercials That Will Serve as the Perfect Laughter Dose for Your Weekend

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

And we are back with yet another segment of #FunnyFridays where we bring to you the funniest commercials. Today I thought of taking a break from the usual American and British commercials and driving you through the Thai advertising industry. Unlike the western advertising industry which relies on quick, concise messaging, Thai advertisements are long-form, complex, and often confusing. They tend to keep the audiences constantly guessing about what product is being marketed.

So, here are 5 hilarious Thai commercials that we’ve got for you after doing an extensive amount of research. Naah! They’re readily available on YouTube😛 But we got them for you anyway. So, happy reading fellas!

1. Chaindrite: Termite Commercial

Chaindrite, a bug spray brand, came up with this commercial that features a family trying to deal with the insect problem in its household.

The commercial shows human-sized bugs invading the home of a family and mocking them as the spray product doesn’t work. The commercial has a three-part series that showcases the insect going back to other insects and boasting about coming back alive. From over-dramatic acting to the funny commentary from the bugs, this commercial has got everything to make it so bad that it turns out to be funny.

2. Salz: Dinner

This commercial by toothpaste brand Salz puts a hysterical twist on a couple in a restaurant.

The commercial shows a couple conversing with one another while the narrator explains about having foul breath while making the audience believe that it is the man who has bad breath. The ad takes a close-up of the man talking, blowing on food in front of the woman as she gives him a subtle foul look. But looks can be deceptive, folks. What happens next will surely blow your mind.

3. Krung Thai Bank: Pay Your Utility Bills

As mentioned previously, Thai commercials don’t let you know until the last minute what the ad is about. And this commercial from Krung Thai Bank is a prime example of that.

The ad shows a man forgetting to pay his phone bill, electricity bill, and water bill all at the same time. As things turn out, he isn’t able to wash off the ketchup on his face that accidentally splashes across his face and clothes while he was about to chop a fish. Since he hasn’t paid the bills he stands there holding the knife in his hand when his wife comes home and sees a man with a knife and blood splashed all across his face in the dark.

Honestly, I found the product placement much funnier than the commercial.

4. Huawei: Selfie

For better or worse, the selfie phenomenon isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The latest updates in smartphones with multiple selfie settings offer ample proof of that.

But this Huawei commercial brings to us a hilarious selfie compilation, begging the question- is there ever a bad time to take a selfie. Well, there certainly is. See for yourself!

5. Top Charoen Optical: Sperm Bank Robbery

If the Krung Thai Bank commercial mentioned above was difficult to guess, this commercial from Top Charoen Optical will make you want to scratch your head wondering if you should be appreciating the advertisement or laugh at the product placement.

The ad features a gang of thieves entering a sperm bank. Since they can’t find any money there, they decide to gup down the stored semen samples mistaking them to be curd. And just when you start feeling amazed at their stupidity, the brand positions itself to tell you that they aren’t stupid but simply have an eyesight issue. Wow!

Bottom Line

And that was a wrap of yet another segment of #FunnyFridays. Hopefully, these Thai commercials will have given you some perspective on an alternate way of creating a commercial instead of following the regular minimalistic and simplistic western advertisement philosophy.

We’ll be back with more funny commercials next week. Till then, stay tuned!


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