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Five Heartwarming Mother’s Day Ads From The Last Decade

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

As promised yesterday, we are back with some of the best Mother’s Day ads of all time for you. Every Mother’s Day, brands release a number of mindblowing ads to make the most of the occasion. However, over the years, some ads have stood out from the rest and those are the commercials that we’ll be covering in our today’s blog.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 best Mother’s Day ads from the last decade.

1. Publix: You’re Really Going to Love Mom (2013)

Publix has been doing an amazing job at creating award-winning Mother’s Day ad campaigns every year. And this 2013 commercial tugs at your heartstrings like none other.

The ad shows a pregnant mother bonding with her young daughter, telling her how she used to tell her all her secrets when she was pregnant with her. When she asks her to tell the unborn kid how amazing a sister she would be, the young girl whispers to her mom’s belly “You’re really going to love mom.”

Now, if that doesn’t trigger the waterworks in you, I don’t know what will!

2. Procter & Gamble: Strong (2016)

They say that behind the success of every man is a woman. Well, after watching this ad, I must say that behind every successful person is a mother who helped them overcome their fears.

The ad showcases how multiple mothers stood firmly behind their children in their moments of weakness, shielded them from the world, and raised them to be wonderful people and sportspersons. The ad highlights that sometimes all that we need is someone to believe in our capabilities, and who else could have a greater belief in our potential than our mothers?

3. Stockland: To All Those Who Mum (2018)

Australian development company Stockland celebrated motherhood in 2018 with a special Mother’s Day campaign that showcased mothers in all their forms- as a leader, a cook, and as someone who keeps making sacrifices for the sake of their children.

The ad shows some emotional messages popping up to beautifully capture the essence of motherhood. In doing so, Stockland also established itself as a forward-thinking organization that celebrates different ways of motherhood, challenges stereotypes, and promotes gender equality.

4. Tesco: Every Mum (2020)

In 2020, British grocery chain Tesco came up with a unique approach for celebrating mothers on Mother’s Day.

Tesco’s ad gave a strong message in a video featuring real mothers and children who shared their stories in this 1-minute spot. The most impressive thing about the ad was that instead of promoting any product or service, the ad instead focused on how we don’t have to be biologically related to someone to see them as a mother. The ad shows that motherly love isn’t meant only for biological mothers but it is instead a feeling that can take over anybody.

This way, the ad celebrates the contributions of every kind of mother without any discrimination between biological mothers and foster moms and acknowledges everyone’s hard work and dedication toward raising their children.

5. Tylenol: Celebrating the Moms Who Care Without Limits (2021)

The pandemic was very tough on everyone and this 2021 commercial from Tylenol showcases how mothers took care of their children and everyone else in the family during the pandemic.

The ad is short, crisp, and emotional and showcases real-life stories of mothers with diverse backgrounds. Also, the message is loud and clear- pandemic or no pandemic, mothers play a huge role in keeping our lives afloat!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the best Mother’s Day ads of all time. It’s not easy to quantify everything that our mothers have done for us, but these brands surely succeeded at leveraging our emotions to drive their brand’s visibility.

We’ll be back with more awesome commercials for you. Until then, stay tuned!


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