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5 Hilarious Adverts That Made The Most of Dark Humor

I know, I know, it’s been ages since we did a segment on #FunnyFridays! But as you all might already know, such is life that we often struggle to find time even for things that we cherish the most. But if and when an opportunity knocks to go back to doing what you love, you must seize the moment and make the most of it. Just as I am going to do today with another segment of #FunnyFridays and how these brands maximized dark humor through their marketing.

1. Toyota Yaris: You Could Love It Too Much

What would be your first instinct if you see that someone is about to fall upon your car from a significant height? I don’t believe you if saving the person instead of your car would be your first reaction! And that’s the dark spot that this Toyota commercial seeks to stroke within us through its effective use of dark humor.

The ad shows a man hanging by a window when the ladder that he was standing on falls while he was cleaning the window. Surprised by his screams, a lady comes running downstairs, only to remove her car from under the window which the man was holding on to for dear life. Well, you have got to do what you have got to do!

2. Heinz: Any Food Tastes Supreme With Heinz

Human rights activists must have surely created quite an uproar if they saw this ad when it came out. But even would agree that this ad is as funny as it gets. And that’s because it strokes the guilt patch within that comes from the privileged lives that most of us are probably living.

The ad shows a man purchasing Heinz salad cream from a store. But as soon as he comes out of the store, his eyes wander to a trash can. To negate even the slightest possibility of confusion, the ad further features the tagline “Any Food Tastes Supreme With Heinz”. Cracking jokes on the plight of the poor is surely not praiseworthy but as long as you can at least add some humor to it, everything is going to be fine, right?

3. Pidilite M Seal: Dying Man’s Will

This commercial is a testament to the greed that often shrouds many of our relationships and fully highlights this.

The advertisement features an elderly man on his deathbed. At that moment, a man, likely his son, approaches and persuades him to augment his inheritance. However, destiny takes an unexpected turn when a droplet of water from a leaking roof falls onto the will, erasing a crucial digit and rendering it void. Regrettably, the elderly man passes away shortly thereafter, leaving his son without an opportunity to draft a new will.

While everyone breaks down after the old man’s death, the son is particularly mournful and we know why!

4. Netcom: The Bear

This Netcom ad is a prime example of how you can make your brand come out looking good even under the most dire circumstances.

The ad features a group of scientists, probably ursinologists, standing around the cave of a beer. A guy who seems to be the head of these scientists is seen telling everyone that if they enter the cave without making any noise, they will probably be able to see the bear. But just as he enters the cave, his phone rings, thereby, awakening the bear who pulls the head scientist inside the cave. But while the bear could silence the head scientist, there was no way it could stop his phone from ringing even inside the grave. That should tell you a thing or two about Netcom’s efficiency!

5. Kohinoor: The Creaking Bed

If you hear a creaking sound on a dark, windy night, what would be your reaction? Well, you could be in for some surprise if you were to react similarly to the old guy in this ad!

The ad showcases an old man in an equally old and dilapidated house wondering where the creaking noise is coming from on a silent windy night. But just when the audience seems to think that there could be an element of the supernatural involved in the commercial, we see a couple exiting the house. When the old man goes to the room where the couple stayed the night, the creaking noise coming from the bed explains the ‘mystery’ behind the sound. A packet of Kohinoor condoms kept on the bed further removes all doubts!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of another much-awaited #FunnyFridays segment. Dark humor can be a potent tool when it comes to marketing. However, it could be a double-edged sword too if the audience fails to grasp what you intend to convey through your use of dark humor. But you’ve got to try to find out if it will work or not.

We’ll be back with more amazing commercials. Until then, stay tuned!


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