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5 Hilarious Cadbury Commercials That Caused Laughter Riots Over The Last Decade

Cadbury, the iconic chocolate brand, completed 200 years last month. Established in 1824, John Cadbury opened the first Cadbury shop at 93 Bull Street in Birmingham, complete with plate glass windows with mahogany frames, which he was said to have cleaned every day. To mark the 200th anniversary, Cadbury recreated its first shop using more than 600 bars of Dairy Milk. Amazing, right? Well, wait until you see some of Cadbury’s funniest commercials that we’ll be covering in our latest #FunnyFridays segment.

So, without wasting any further moment, let’s dive straight into some of the most hilarious Cadbury commercials that kept up the laughter quotient all these years.

1. Ceria Bersama (2013)

There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip! Nothing summarizes this better than this Malaysian Cadbury ad.

The ad showcases a guy trying to send over Cadbury chocolates to a beautiful woman who lives in an apartment across from his home by suspending them to balloons. But his efforts are to no avail as the chocolates find their way to a kid and an elderly woman in different apartments. Frustrated, the guy sends out multiple chocolates, of which only one chocolate gets its destination right!

It’s hard not to feel sorry for the lad and yet find the situation funny, especially seeing the elderly woman smiling and waving at him after she receives a chocolate.

2. The Grown Up Chocolate (2019)

This 2019 Cadbury ad for the Dark Milk chocolate is directed at people who spoil someone’s leisure time. And guess what, they roped in former Miss World Aishwarya Rai to deliver the message.

The 55-second spot shows Aishwarya sitting at an airport lounge, enjoying some “me-time” while nibbling at her chocolate. Just then a young fellow decides to invade her “me-time” by subtly asking her to remove her bag from the adjacent seat and share a bite of chocolate with him. She tersely replies that he would need to grow up before she can do that.

Well AK, your mannerism tells us that you actually need to grow up!

3. Bank Robbery (2015)

The iconic duo of Ramesh and Suresh got back for this funny 45-second spot for Cadbury 5Star. And the brothers again stole the show with their nonchalant attitude.

The ad shows the brothers walking up to a vendor to buy chocolates when robbers arrive in a van and head to rob a bank. The brothers slowly eat their chocolate, get lost in its magical taste, get inside the robbers’ van, and speed away as soon as the robbers fill the van with the loot from the bank.

The robbers giving a chase on the bicycle cracked me up😂

4. Bournville Fine Dark Chocolate (2011)

Rejections are always hurtful, not just to us humans but also to cocoa beans. At least, that’s what this 2011 Bournville ad tells us.

The ad, set in Ghana, shows a group of cocoa plantation owners at the office of a Bournville representative, who is examining the cocoa beans. When he comes across a bean that doesn’t meet the criteria for being used in Bournville and sets it aside, the bean bursts into tears. Just when you are about to go “awwww”, one of the guys throws the bean off the table.

You see, if you aren’t a good cocoa bean, there’s no place for you at the table!

5. Tired Son (2014)

Here’s my favorite Cadbury commercial. And it’s the funniest too!

This Cadbury Perk ad showcases a young guy coming back home tired. When his mother asks him if he’d like to have some pudding and he replies in the affirmative, the mother pulls out a long list of groceries that she wants him to get from the market. Thanks to her never-ending list of groceries, the poor lad faints. When his father berates the mother for being so insensitive and asks her to get him some glucose, she adds glucose to the list too😂

Watch how he springs to his feet as soon as he gets a bite of Cadbury Perk!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of another #FunnyFridays segment. Cadbury has grown into a huge brand over the years and humor has played a critical role in its marketing success. However, there’s more to Cadbury’s marketing, which we shall uncover next week.

We’ll be back with more wonderful Cadbury ads for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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