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5 Hilarious Christmas 2023 Commercials That Jingled All the Way to Laughter

Hello folks, I am back with another hilarious #FunnyFridays segment. I know it’s already been over two weeks since Christmas. But when you have such wonderful commercials lined up in front of you, there’s not much one can do to avoid covering them. Plus, some of these adverts were genuinely funny.

So, here I am with 5 funny Christmas 2023 commercials that will serve as the perfect cherry on your cake of Christmas festivities. Let’s take a look at these.

1. Asda: Make This Christmas Incredibublé

Asda’s 2023 Christmas commercial features multi-platinum-selling global superstar Michael who steals the show with his trademark charisma.

The 90-second commercial throws the spotlight on Bublé, who features as Asda’s inaugural Chief Quality Officer and is entrusted with ensuring that the retailer delivers premium quality for the nation on Christmas. The advert opens with Bublé cheerfully sitting with his feet up on his new desk and requesting a clean-up on aisle five. As he walks into a room full of Asda colleagues who are eagerly waiting for him to arrive, he serves a gentle admonishment to the fishmonger who again tried to add mackerel to Christmas dinner this year.

However, the advert reaches its peak when Bublé leverages his expertise as an indisputable connoisseur of Christmas to ensure the quality of every product on the supermarket's shelves. From measuring panettones and selecting the final cheese to complete Asda’s Extra Special Christmas Cheeseboard to sampling some succulent truffle and parmesan pigs in blankets, Bublé truly shines as Asda’s Chief Quality Officer while keeping the humor entirely intact.

2. Etsy: Twins

Etsy’s 2023 Christmas commercial borrows the Mission Impossible theme song for four spy-themed ads, which showcases shoppers looking for ideas that might help them figure out what they should buy for their loved ones for Christmas.

This 30-second advert shows a father trying to figure out what the best gift would be for his twin daughters. As he tries to zero in on the best gifts for his children, he realizes that his daughters have very distinct tastes and hence a one-size-fits-all approach might not be an ideal one. So, he seeks Etsy’s help to finally decide what he’ll gift his daughters.

Imagine a phone app having a better understanding of what your children like than yourself😆

3. Etsy: Dad

If the previous advert revolved around a confused father, this 30-second advert showcases a daughter’s dilemma since her father isn’t too vocal about what he’d like for Christmas.

The ad shows the girl being confused about what to gift her father as he says he doesn’t want anything for himself. However, she realizes that her father always struggles carrying the logs for fire. So, she decides to get him a log bag from Etsy.

One of the reasons why I found this ad funny was that the man in this commercial reminds me of my father who misses no opportunity to taunt me for getting him gifts on festivals. Seriously Dad, why can’t you just chill for a moment?🙄

4. Capital One: What's In Your Wallet?

American Bank Holding company Capital One released a funny 60-second spot this Christmas that shows John Travolta paying homage to his iconic character of Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever but with a holiday twist.

The advert kicks off with the soundtrack “Stayin Alive” playing in the background and Travolta transforming into Santa Claus while he struts down the street. As viewers watch, Travolta shops for cookies, a stylish pair of shoes, and a disco ball tree- all the while swiping his Capital One Quicksilver card to make his purchases. After quenching his thirst with a glass of milk at a dance club, Travolta hits the dance floor and showcases his signature moves to his audience.

Could Santa get any more sassy?

5. Google: Must Be Santa

And here’s the one that I found the funniest of all Christmas commercials this year. Google’s ongoing rivalry with Apple received a festive touch this Christmas.

The ad showcases Google‘s Pixel 8 asking iPhone what it would ask Santa for Christmas to which iPhone replies that it would ask Santa for all the AI features that he gave Pixel last year. However, when Pixel 8 reveals that it didn’t get these features from Santa but from a bunch of talented Google engineers, the iPhone innocently asks if Santa could give it a bunch of Google engineers. 

Imagine asking your competitor to supply you with some of their best minds😂

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of another #FunnyFridays segment. Christmas commercials offer brands a great way of connecting with their audience. A touch of humor and fun would only elevate any such engagement that brands seek during the festive season.

We’ll be back with more amazing commercials for you next week. Till then, stay tuned!


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