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5 Hilarious Contraception Commercials That Will Make You ROFL

26th September is observed every year as World Contraception Day to spread awareness about contraception and to help couples decide when they can start a family. But as serious a topic as it might be, there’s always some room for humor when it comes to dishing out commercials on contraception. So, as part of this week’s #FunnyFridays segment, we’ll be treating you with 5 humorous contraception adverts that you must not miss out on.

So, here we go!

1. Hansaplast Condoms: Spoiled Kid

Imagine coming across an annoying kid who doesn’t care much about rules and does everything on earth that he shouldn’t be doing only because his “mom said he could”. Well, that’s what people in this Hansaplast advert are dealing with!

The ad features an annoying kid who engages in pretty much everything that would make an adult go crazy- from getting a tattoo and cutting his teacher’s chair into two with an electric saw to illegal driving and flying an aircraft! And he does all this with absolute impunity because his mother is apparently too busy having sex and screaming “yes”, which the kid takes for her direct approval for all his gutsy enterprises!

Well, you see, you can’t really blame the kid here, those screams could confuse anyone!

2. Mad TV: RU-486

Featured in season 13 of Mad TV, an American sketch comedy series, RU-486 emerges as the one true savior of parents, especially mothers, who don’t want to repeat the mistake of becoming parents ever again.

This hilarious 100-second video shows a woman sugarcoating her words to convey that while she’s happy with being a mother to her wonderful daughter Susie, she could have been even happier had she taken the RU-486 pill. She further goes on to say that while having kids is a blessing, the urge to drive that “blessing” out to the middle of nowhere is very real😂

We feel you lady, we genuinely do!

3. Trojan Condoms: The Test

Imagine your girlfriend showering all her love and praise on you because you didn’t cheat on her when you had the chance, without even realizing that you had no intentions of staying loyal to her from the word go! That’s exactly the plot of this 30-second advert.

The ad shows a guy going to her girlfriend’s apartment where he’s greeted by her sister Jenny, who gives an impression that she wants to have sex with him. The poor lad quickly runs back to his car where his girlfriend is already sitting and waiting to congratulate him for passing the “test’. But just as the audience is about to go “awwwwwww” in unison, we see the boyfriend slowly closing the glove compartment to hide the condom that he came to fetch from his car.

Close shave, Jake!

4. Durex: Protect Yourself

If you’re a man, imagine your kids doing everything within their means to injure your crotch. Yeah, this advert probably wasn’t supposed to be funny and was meant to scare the shit out of men thinking of fathering kids but it is unintentionally funny with the kids doing everything on earth to destroy the manhoods of the men featured in the ad.

I mean who are these kids? Fu**ing devils?

5. Think Contraception: Johnny's Got You Covered

And here’s the last one from the list. While all the other ads covered in this blog showed that sex had happened at some point in the lives of people featured in these ads, this ad by Think Contraception makes a small compilation of times when sex didn’t take place between people.

From being turned off by what’s written on a guy’s t-shirt to being tucked into bed by a considerate man who probably doesn’t want to do it on their first date, this inadvertently funny commercial clearly conveys the message that while sex may not happen every time, condoms will prove effective when it does happen.

Final message- guys may turn out to be disappointing, but condoms won’t!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of another #FunnyFridays segment. From talking condoms to waltzing pills, these commercials prove that laughter can indeed be the best medicine, even in the realm of contraceptives. So, the next time you reach for your birth control, let the memory of these comical campaigns bring a grin to your face. Because while the topic is serious, a good laugh reminds us that humor can make even the most essential of conversations, well, a little more entertaining. Stay protected, and keep laughing!

We’ll be back with more awesome commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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