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5 Hilarious Crypto Commercials That Will Crack Up Even The Bears (Especially After Bitcoin's Mooning)

Regardless of whether or not you’re a crypto enthusiast, this concerns you- Bitcoin has gone beyond $70,000 for the first time. At the time of writing, its value stood at over $70,700. According to some crypto experts, this new-age currency can even go past the $ 100,000 mark after the Bitcoin halving on 19th April. This massive surge in its price seems nothing less than a joke, especially after the entire crypto market was in a state of absolute mess until just a few months ago after the crash of the LUNA token and the collapse of the FTX exchange in 2022. It’s in fact funny! And you know what else is funny- the ads covered in our #FunnyFridays series.

So, here are 5 funny crypto commercials that serve as the perfect tribute to Bitcoin’s unexpected rise.

1. Bitcoin.Org: It's Time to Update the Banking System

It’s no secret that the current banking system is rotten. Ans the need for an alternate currency has never been higher.

This 1-minute commercial by presents a funny take on why the existing banking model is outdated. And it’s all true! Imagine being charged for taking your money out of your account and being levied a penalty if you don’t have enough money in your account! Not to mention the 4-5 business days banks usually take for international money transfers.

It makes no sense and one would think they are doomed forever in this banking system. Thankfully, the way they created this advert only makes us laugh at our situation and doesn’t paint a too gloomy picture.

2. FTX: Don’t Miss Out

Imagine being the guy who’s always wrong about the biggest game-changing technologies. Yeah, that’s Larry David for you!

Crypto exchange FTX released this hilarious Super Bowl advert in 2022 featuring Larry David. The advert shows Larry being present in different eras and deriding the importance of some of the biggest inventions and discoveries of mankind. From trivializing the inventions of the wheel and the light bulb to wholly dismissing the idea of putting a man on the moon and democracy itself, Larry has never been a visionary.

So, it wasn’t a surprise when he downplayed FTX in this advert. His words turned out to be rather prophetic though after the exchange went bankrupt just months later🤣 For once, you were right, Larry!

3. Wealthsimple: Early Adopters

For every visionary out there, there are at least a hundred naysayers who would keep doubting an idea until it becomes a major hit. This ad is about all those people.

The ad, which is somewhat similar to the previous Larry David commercial, revolves around men from the Stone Age. While some of them seem upbeat about the wheel's invention and its potential, many others refuse to give in to the ‘hype’ and proclaim themselves to be anti-change and anti-progress.

Only if these folks were here to see the rise of Bitcoin and the levels it’s been touching lately!

4. Deszerv: That One Crypto Friend

There’s always someone from our friend circle who’s minting huge money from crypto. This advert is about those friends and why shouldn’t heed their advice solely based on their gains.

The ad showcases a guy following in the footsteps of a colleague after he makes huge profits from the crypto industry. Unfortunately, the poor lad ends up losing all his money while the colleague is still rolling in cash due to the sound understanding of the crypto market. The way the first guy ends up losing everything is almost hilarious. Also, you might relate to this advert if you have ever faced losses in investments made on someone else’s advice.

Just consult an expert guys, lest you end up like that guy and we laugh over you too😂

5. Crypto PR: The "Crypto" Fortune Teller

If the previous ad was about people losing their crypto investments because of relying on their friends’ advice, this one is about token owners losing their crypto projects because of unwise PR campaigns.

The ad shows a token wonder asking a fortune teller if his crypto project would be a success. The response of the fortune teller will surely leave you rolling on the floor with laughter😂

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another #FunnyFridays. The crypto market is going great guns and investors couldn’t have asked for more considering the dire straits that the industry found itself in in the aftermath of the LUNA crash and FTX collapse. In case, you’re planning to invest in cryptocurrencies, consult with an expert or you might not find the ads mentioned here too funny after you lose your money. And we wouldn’t want that🤪


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