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5 Iconic 4th of July Ads That Will Make Even Non-Americans Feel Patriotic

It was the 4th of July yesterday, which means fireworks, BBQ, and patriotic colors must have been a common sight. Hence, it is also the perfect time for marketers to hone in on patriotic themes that can easily resonate with Americans. However, considering this historical day's significance, brands must be discreet, creative, and savvy as they are often limited in what they can say through their advertisements. Thus, their safest bet is to plan a marketing campaign that best reflects their core values and align it with what their audience wishes to see.

So, keeping that in mind, we have rounded up some of the best 4th of July commercials that taught viewers from all over the world what Independence Day is all about.

1. Ancestry: Declaration Descendants (2017)

This 2017 4th of July commercial by the American genealogy company brought together the many descendants of the original signatories of the Declaration of Independence, which is one of the most notable symbols of this important day.

While the ad was commendable in how it was picturized, the descendants also subtly promoted By bringing together a diverse group of people, the advert indicated how much America has evolved ever since the ancestors first signed the document, thereby, underscoring the massive importance of the Declaration of Independence.

2. Budweiser: A Dream Delivered (2018)

Budweiser has cemented its place as a brand that comes up with the most heartwarming ads. One such commercial was this amazing Adam Driver-starring commercial from 2018.

The ad showcases Adam delivering a scholarship to the daughter of an injured army veteran, who’s been struggling to arrange the education fees for her final year at university. The life-changing scholarship, therefore, lifts a major financial burden off the young woman’s shoulders.

3. Pedigree: General Howe’s Dog (2017)

Dog food brand Pedigree came up with a brilliant 4th of July commercial in 2017 that sought to align the story of General Howe’s dog crossing into George Washington’s camp and our love for this beautiful animal.

The ad recreates the story of how George Washington went against the counsel of his advisors who suggested that they kill General Howe’s dog after the poor animal had unknowingly crossed over into their camp. But instead of killing the dog, George Washington asks his men soldiers to write a letter to General Howe and return his dog.

The themes of pride, patriotism, and loyalty are highlighted in this spot, which only proves that dogs indeed “bring out the best in us”.

4. Dodge: Freedom (2011)

Honestly, I am not sure when this ad was created but it is definitely one that can inspire all future 4th of July commercials.

This one-minute commercial from American car manufacturer Dodge showcases an English cavalry unit being taken by surprise by an attack from American troops, who are probably being led by George Washington, on cars. The voiceover at the end of the ad says that America got right a couple of things- cars and freedom, and there’s no way one can dispute either of the two!

5. Budweiser: Vaccination Ad (2021)

And here’s one that’s as latest as 2021! Budweiser went all out with this commercial, which featured actor Bill Pullman in a reprisal of his character from the 1996 movie, Independence Day.

The ad shows the actor giving a stirring speech from behind a podium that has the Presidential seal, only this time it’s meant to urge Americans to come together to fight the pandemic instead of aliens. The commercial was important considering that Budweiser manufacturer Anheuser-Busch had teamed up with the White House to ensure a high degree of vaccination against COVID-19 by 4th July. The beer brand even promised a second round of beer if that goal was achieved.

Sometimes, all you need to bring a nation together is a pandemic, a strong leader, and a beer!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the best 4th of July commercials. While this day is a time to celebrate America and all the values that it upholds, the ads mentioned in this blog can easily rouse the patriotic sentiments within all of us, regardless of our nationalities.

We’ll be back with more amazing videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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