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5 Iconic ICC World Cup Commercials That Will Set The Stage For The Finale 2023

The D-Day is finally here as the Aussies and Men in Blue gear up to take each other on in the one last battle at Ahmedabad that will decide the winner of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Just like the FIFA 2022 World Cup held in Qatar, this tournament was also marred in several controversies ranging from pitch doctoring and poor umpiring decisions to the use of “different balls” for Indian bowlers and even “toss fixing” (if such a thing even exists). But one thing is certain i.e.; this World Cup has broken all previous viewership records. With over 53 million viewers tuning into Disney+Hotstar to watch the semi-final match between India and New Zealand, this tournament is far from being a damp squib as some critics have been calling it over the weeks leading to the mega event.

So, before India and Australia lock horns for one last time today, let’s take a look at some of the most nostalgic ICC World Cup ad campaigns from yesteryear. After all, it’s an ICC event, right?😉

So, let’s go ahead!

1. It’s Time (2003)

Other than Ricky Ponting’s blitzkrieg in the finale, World Cup 2003 will surely be remembered for a long time for its historical significance. After all, this was the first major cricketing tournament being held in South Africa ever since its return to international cricket after the apartheid ban.

The commercial takes the audience straight to a stadium, which seems empty. But we are soon treated to different visuals featuring a Tony Greig photograph, a pitch roller, and sounds of what seem like an en masse Djembe beating. And then emerges the iconic South African anti-apartheid leader and their first president, Nelson Mandela. Mandela beats his palms against the boundary wall and is well-reciprocated by the same sound coming in from different directions from inside the stadium. Mandela thumping his palms against the boundary was probably indicative of the success of his efforts at thumping down apartheid!

2. Bring It Home (2011)

Sachin Tendulkar was only 10 years old when India won its first World Cup in 2003. And then began a wait which just didn’t seem to end for Indian players as well as Indian cricket fans.

In this 40-second commercial, Sachin is seen talking about this rather long waiting period. You can actually sense what winning a World Cup means to the man, who went on to shatter almost every batting record. But records mean nothing if you don’t have a World Cup to show in your closet. Thankfully, the God of Cricket, as he is popularly called in India, finally won it in his final World Cup appearance.

3. Let’s Chase The Dream Again (2015)

We spoke of all the batting records that the Great Sachin Tendulkar went on to smash in his more than two-decade-long cricketing career. Be it scoring over 34,000 international runs, getting to a hundred centuries, or becoming the first player to score a 200 in an ODI game, Sachin was truly a prodigy. But the one unfinished dream in Sachin’s cricket career was securing a World Cup, which India went on to win in 2011.

This 2015 ICC World Cup commercial shows Sachin chasing that World Cup dream again in 2015. But as it usually happens, dreams don’t always turn into reality. And, India failed to reach the World Cup final after losing to the Kangaroos in the 2015 semi-final.

4. Greatness Is Contagious (2015)

Cricket might not be as popular as football, but the passion that the fans of this game have for it is just as intense as the followers of any other game. And that is what this amazing 60-second World Cup advert from 2015 sought to capture.

The ad shows kids playing cricket in different parts of the world, perfectly showcasing the love and passion that they carry for this beautiful game. The ad also features Australia’s Mitchell Johnson and New Zealand’s Brendon McCullum. It so happens that these two teams also went on to play in the final of the tournament.

5. Are You In (2019)

The 2019 Cricket World Cup was held in England and Wales, the place where the game originated from. And this advert tells you why a cricket game in England is so interesting to watch.

The ad showcases people diving onto the field to stop the ball and batters hitting breathtaking shots while featuring various cricketers from different countries in between. And all these cricketers have one question for the viewers, which is, “Are You In?”

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the most memorable ICC World ad campaigns from the past. Regardless of who emerges as the winner of today’s finale, the ICC should surely be credited with treating us to such awesome adverts.

Feel free to check out some of the funniest World Cup commercials that we covered at the start of the tournament.

We’ll be back with more amazing adverts for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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