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5 Impactful Commercials That Raised Awareness About Asthma

The first Tuesday in May is observed as World Asthma Day every year to improve asthma awareness and care worldwide. More than 300 million individuals suffer from asthma across the world, with an additional 100 million individuals projected to be at risk. And as incredible as it may sound, asthma claims about 1000 lives every day. The worst part is many of these fatalities are preventable, which makes raising awareness about asthma all the more important.

So, here we are with 5 powerful asthma commercials that went a long way in spreading the word on asthma management.

1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Jessica S.’s Asthma Tip Ad

Passive smoking plays a major role in worsening asthma. And little kids are the ones who suffer the most because of this.

This 30-second spot by the national public health agency of the United States, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shows a woman named Jessica talking about how passive smoking has triggered her son’s asthma so badly that he ended up in the emergency room. She advises parents not to hesitate in telling people to not smoke around their kids. And why not? After all, your kids’ lives matter much more than some fool taking offense at being told not to smoke around kids!

2. American Lung Association: Put Asthma in Its Place

Believe it or not, people’s misconception about having their asthma under control is one of the biggest contributors to worsening asthma. This 30-second advert by the American Lung Association sheds light on this.

The ad shows an asthmatic guy getting asthma attacks during the worst possible occasions. The ad goes on to say that if you need your asthma rescue inhaler more than twice a week, it means that your asthma isn’t under control, which makes it imperative for you to seek preventive medications that can help you avoid asthma attacks. That’s the only way you can put asthma back in its place!

3. Asthma Australia: Hollywood-Style Car Chase

Okay, some of you might find this advert a bit dramatic but it is so on point. This 2-minute commercial by Australia’s leading charity for people with asthma, Asthma Australia, shows an asthma patient embroiled in a Hollywood-style car chase.

The ad opens with a couple of men chasing two guys who are trying to load something into their laptop. But just when you think that they have managed to lose the men chasing them, they return. That’s exactly what asthma is like; just when you start believing that you have defeated it, it strikes back. So, don’t be complacent, go for the kill!

4. National Asthma Campaign: Don’t Dice With Asthma

When sportspersons suffering from some health conditions say something about it, everyone sits up and takes notice. The reason- sportspersons are the biggest emblems of resistance and give people hope. So it was no wonder that this 30-second advert by the National Asthma Campaign roped in cricketer Geoff Marsh to spread the word on asthma prevention.

The ad shows Marsh telling the audience that just like fast bowlers, asthma can attack anytime. So instead of depending on relievers, asthma patients need to seek preventive medication that can nip the asthma threat right in the bud. You may ask how does Marsh know all of this. Well, he’s an asthmatic too!

5. Philips: Asthma Stories

Around 14% of the children around the world have asthma symptoms. Being told that you have asthma can be a bit scary, but with the right medication and preventive measures, you can always get the better of this respiratory disease. And that’s exactly what this 2018 Philips commercial has got to say.

The 90-second animated commercial shows the stories of three kids, who fight against asthma in their ways. Don’t get too immersed in the cute graphics; also pay attention to how these kids tackle asthma!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the best commercials for raising awareness about asthma. Asthma can be fatal but it doesn’t have to be so. All you have to do is see your doctor and follow their instructions. Together, we can defeat asthma!

We’ll be back with more wonderful videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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