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5 Most Hilarious Australian Commercials That Will Make Your Weekend Amazing

And we are back with yet another segment of #FunnyFridays. Australians are well known for their relaxed attitude and cheeky sense of humor. And guess what, this reflects in their commercials too. While the rules and regulations have gotten a lot stricter today, Aussies have come up with some truly hilarious TV commercials in the past.

So, here we are with the 5 most hilarious commercials that have graced the Australian screens.

1. Hahn Premium Light: “What?”

In the mid-2000s, Hahn Premium Light, a Lion Nathan beer brand, dished out this hilarious commercial.

The ad features a woman enjoying her day by the pool when her partner dives into the spot, completely ruining the moment for her. As he reaches for his Hahn Premium Light beer, he’s greeted by a look of disgust from his partner to which he replies with “what?”.

The company followed this ad up with another funny commercial, titled Bean Bomb. The ad follows the same premise where a woman is relaxing on the bean bag beside a pool before she is catapulted into the pool by a guy, who reacts in the same way as the previous commercial.

2. Bigpond: The Great Wall of China

Back in the day when companies were trying to convince people to get their broadband connection, Bigpond came up with some hilarious commercials about the wonders of the Internet such as this one.

The commercial shows a young child, Daniel, asking his father about the creation of the Great Wall of China. The father’s answer included “Emperor Nasi Goreng” and “too many rabbits”. We later see the boy standing in front of this class to give a presentation on the same. Ahh, poor Daniel!

3. Yellow Pages: Not Happy Jan

What happens when you know you’re going to have it from your boss? Well, you run away, obviously- just like this commercial shows us!

The commercial shows a boss asking her assistant Jan why their business hasn’t been listed in the Yellow Pages. And then we see Jan running away while the boss yells after her, “not happy Jan”. These three words quickly became so popular that they became a part of the Aussie lingo and the Aussies utter it to this day.

4. Libra: Invisible Pad

Australians have a way of making everything funny, including hygiene products. This commercial is the best example of this.

The ad shows a man using his imagination when it comes to his partner’s Libra invisible products. He creates some of the most original costumes from menstrual pads that you’d have ever seen. And just when he is in the middle of flexing his new costume, his partner walks in on him- with two other people, who are probably her parents! Well, you can’t really blame them for doubting their daughter’s choice after this!

5. Bundaberg Rum: Drop Bears

This 2004 Bundaberg commercial has been centered around the myth of the drop bear, an Australian creature that the locals talk about to scare visitors.

The commercial shows a group of Australian men at a campsite, drinking Bundaberg Rum. Just then, they spot a group of girls and mention drop bears to them. The women don’t take them seriously at first but run to the men’s camp when Bundy Bea, the Bundaberg Rum’s polar bear mascot, drops out of the tree and squashes their tent. Wow, I wish I was friends with a polar beer.

Bottom Line

And that was a wrap of yet another segment of #FunnyFridays where we bring to you some of the funniest commercials from the Internet. We’ll be back with more hilarious commercials for you next week. Till then, stay tuned!


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