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5 Best Powerful Road Safety Commercials That Spread Awareness Regarding Safe Driving

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

15th May marked the beginning of the UN Global Road Safety Week. This biennial event seeks to raise awareness about road safety issues and make people take a minute to think before they get behind the wheel. The significance of this event’s cause can be gauged from the fact that road traffic injuries are a major reason for deaths across the world for people in the age group of 15 to 49 years. Moreover, every year about 1.3 million people lose their lives due to road accidents.

Therefore, it is imperative for brands to take steps to spread awareness about road safety amongst the masses. And what better way to do it than advertising?

So, here we are with 5 powerful commercials on road safety that were laced with impactful messaging.

1. UK Department of Transport: Kill Your Speed

This powerful ad by the UK Department of Transport is part of their road safety campaign, Think!, which is aimed at encouraging the use of seat belts to tackle excessive speed, drinking and drugs, and the use of mobiles at the wheel.

The commercial shows how a slight dip in one’s car’s speed can make all the difference between death and getting away with minor injuries. The ad uses the strong imagery of a kid getting hit by a speeding car. It highlights the fact that for every additional 5mph, a car would take a further 21 feet to stop, thereby, giving you lesser time to escape.

The only possible solution to this- cut down your speed to live and let others live too!

2. Car Keys UK: Wear a Seatbelt

If your appeals don’t lead to the desired outcome, use fear to achieve your goals- that’s what this commercial from Car Keys UK sought to do.

The ad shows a man crashing his car into another car. In the background, a lady can be heard explaining what exactly killed the man, Richard, in a plain and cold voice. The stone-cold description of Richard’s failure to wear a seatbelt and his subsequent injuries resulting in his death are enough to spook viewers and prompt them to wear a seatbelt the next time they get inside a car!

3. Ford: The Killer Selfie

It’s not uncommon to see people clicking selfies while they’re driving. However, not many of them know that taking a selfie while driving a car can be fatal.

The 4- second spot features pictures of people who probably lost their lives in car incidents. And then showcases the message “Don’t let it be your last selfie”. The message sticks with you because we have all clicked pictures whilst driving at some point without even realizing that every selfie we take while driving is another step toward our death.

4. SaveLIFE Foundation: OK to Ignore

We ignore our mobile phones when we are in a movie theater, in a meeting with the boss, or when hanging out with friends. But we do not ignore it when we are driving. This hard-hitting commercial by the non-profit organization SaveLIFE Foundation exhorts people to ignore their phones where it really matters.

The ad shows a man taking his daughter’s call whilst driving and meeting with an accident. His daughter is seen asking him later why he bothered to pick up the call when he had been so thorough about when not to take calls. As the ad says, sometimes, it’s okay to ignore!

5. Channel V: The Seatbelt Crew

And here’s my favorite ad on the list! This witty and powerful commercial shows transgenders taking to the streets to demonstrate why it’s important to wear seatbelts while driving.

The ad relies on witty repartee to engage people. Also, roping in eunuchs who are considered sacred in Indian society lent the commercial even more weight and made it unique in many ways. Therefore, it’s no wonder that even 9 years after its release, this ad continues to impress everyone.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best commercials on road safety. With hundreds and thousands of people dying every day due to road accidents, we must follow all traffic rules for not just our safety but others’ safety too.

We’ll be back with more awesome commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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