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5 Social Media Predictions for 2023

The social media landscape has seen a significant change this year as we've observed shifting consumer preferences, the introduction of advanced technologies, and the expansion of new platforms. Since the rate of change across social media platforms shows no signs of slowing down, marketers must prepare for what is ahead in 2023.

Although there are unanswered questions in this business, marketers can still rely on some media trends over the course of the next year. These forecasts are premised on customer preconceptions, social interaction with younger demographic groups, and current KPIs that are responsible for brand success.

As 2023 draws closer, we expect that the following five trends will most likely have an influence on social media marketers.

1. Customer Influencers Will Have a Growing Impact

Authenticity has a strong influence on customers. Brands don't always have to fork over cash for materials that might dramatically influence their KPIs. More companies will start employing word-of-mouth advertising in 2023, sourcing user-generated content (UGC) from consumers through social media.

UGC has been shown by marketers to result in 29% greater online conversions than campaigns or websites that do not use UGC. It makes perfect sense for companies to make use of the gold mine of real-life recommendations. This not only saves time and money, but it also highlights the most devoted patrons of a business and assists potential customers in making wise purchases.

2. Brands Will Employ New Social Media Channels

It's important to experiment while using social media for marketing. If you don't experiment with new platforms, formats, or trends, you're already behind the game. Every test has a chance of failing, but that is precisely its purpose. With TikTok's popularity and the general internet habits of Generation Z, marketers will feel more comfortable dipping a toe into new platforms.

3. The Metaverse Will Continue to Be Promoted

In 2022, the parent corporation of Facebook and Instagram, Meta, unveiled its intentions for the metaverse. Since the metaverse hasn't really taken off in 2022, Meta will probably add more features to the Facebook app to pique interest. These functionalities now exist, such as the ability to create Facebook avatars and access augmented reality experiences through filters.

It's also probable that Meta will keep up its relentless promotion for the metaverse, but it's unclear if it will be successful or not. This may involve many businesses and marketers leveraging the new platform or influencers using it to assess the marketing blitz.

4. Twitter Will Continue to Change

Since Elon Musk purchased Twitter in 2022, the social media site has been, to put it mildly, turbulent. For its innovative features, the platform will consider adopting a "trial and error" strategy, experimenting with various user engagement strategies to determine what works. This implies that there will probably be some fruitless efforts.

Will there be a stronger effort to get users to sign up for Twitter Blue as a result? Or perhaps further adjustments to the well-known blue verification tick? Reintroducing Vine? Given the surprising events that occurred to Twitter in the latter months of 2022, it is difficult to forecast where the social media platform will go, but 2023 will undoubtedly be a year of transition.

5. Video Content Will Remain On Top

"Video is the No. 1 content type businesses need to use," is a phrase that marketers have heard for years. This will still be the case in 2023, but luckily for companies, audiences will still be drawn to the raw, unpolished videos. Therefore, brands may dispense with expensive celebrity-focused advertising efforts.

Instagram Reels are a perfect illustration of how less-polished, more genuine footage succeeds. As they are getting quantifiable outcomes, brands are posting more Reels. And to top it all off, Reels had approximately 40% more interactions than conventional videos.

Final Thoughts

If marketers want to succeed in 2023, they must embrace social media trends rather than resist them. As a consequence, brands will be able to stretch their budgets even further while enhancing customer relationships and expanding their social media reach. With all the chances to leave their mark in the coming year, marketing professionals are living in truly exciting times.


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