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5 Worst Commercials Featuring Sportspersons That You’d Wish You Had Never Seen

We did an article on best sportsperson commercials a couple of weeks ago. In case, that gave you an impression that featuring athletes or sportspersons in your commercial is a sure-shot way of getting your audience hooked to your ad, hold on a minute! Sports stars have also featured in some of the dumbest commercials that you’d come across.

So, here we are with a countdown of the 5 most painfully awkward commercials featuring sportspersons.

1. Hunter Pence: Liscio’s Bakery

Although Hunter Pence isn’t seen as a prominent star in the majors, he has had a pretty successful career with over 200 home runs and two World Series rings. The success that he’s seen in his career means that he possibly won’t need a job after retirement. But if he were to indeed keep working, a career in sales wouldn’t be too ideal for him.

In this rather strange and clearly low-budget commercial, Pence is shown using Liscio’s bread as everything from weights to paddles. The concept might have seemed funny on paper, but the look on Pence’s face suggests that even he can’t believe that he’s doing this.

2. Colby Armstrong, Max Talbot, Sergei Gonchar & Evgeni Malkin: A&L Motor Sales

What’s probably worse than watching an athlete act badly? Watching four athletes act badly together! This commercial by A&L Motor Sales shows several members of the Pittsburgh Penguins coming together to promote a local car dealership that primarily sells BMWs.

While Colby Armstrong is bad enough, Max Talbot’s improvisation with dance is even worse. Ohh, but wait, your agony isn’t over yet! Sergei Gonchar then says something that’s hardly understandable due to his thick Russian accent. He then tosses the keys to Evengi Malkin whose face clearly suggests that he’d give the entire world to be somewhere else than this god-forsaken commercial!

3. Jonathan Ogden: Gebco Insurance

All right, let’s set this straight! Jonathan Ogden, a former offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, is standing right in the middle of the street when a lady drives her car right into him. And for some God-Knows-How reason, it’s all HIS fault, according to the lady driver.

Well, as fate would have it, Ogden appears to be perfectly fine, while the car looks damaged beyond repair. Then the lady very convincingly tells him to get Gebco insurance and all of a sudden he’s surrounded by many attractive women who dance sexily around him.

To be honest, Ogden’s dance moves are an even bigger crime than wrecking a lady’s car. Who the f**k gave this ad the go-ahead?

4. Scotty Pippen: Mr. Submarine

Mr. Submarine is a sandwich franchise based in Chicago. The Bulls, as most people already know, are a basketball franchise based in Chicago. Why not combine the two?

Poor graphics aside, the commercial begins with a Scottie Pippen noticing a massive 6-foot sub during a practice session. As he calls two cheerleaders to help him eat the sub, things start getting awkward with one cheerleader grinding up next to him. What kind of a party involves Scottie Pippen, two cheerleaders, and a 6-foot submarine sandwich? I think it would be best to leave that question unanswered!

5. Alex Ovechkin: Eastern Motors

If the Pittsburgh Penguins commercial on this list taught us anything, it’s that Russian hockey players make for the most unreliable pitchmen. And this commercial only reaffirms that idea.

Ovi can barely get through his lines without laughing, but that’s not the worst part of this commercial. The commercial seems to have been filmed on somebody’s cell phone and the so-called “stage” is nothing but a blank wall with lights. Why Lord, why?

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the worst sportspersons ads. While athletes enjoy massive popularity amongst their followers, their acting skills are often a dampener. To worsen things, the script of the advertisements further ensures a zero-appreciation policy from the audience. Be mindful of the storyline as well as the athletes that you pick up for your commercials if you don’t want your ad to feature on this list.


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