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6 Logo Maker Tools Every Designer Should Try

Studies reveal that an excellent logo can boost your brand recognition by 80%, and subsequently enhance your revenue by up to 23%.

The logo is the face of a company and plays a crucial role in helping people recognize a brand and what it stands for, instantly. This way, it creates a strong brand identity.

The wide variety of design tools that are available today means that businesses no longer have to cough up exorbitant amounts to obtain a professionally aesthetic logo. Many logo design tools come with inbuilt templates with different colour palettes, font pairings, and balanced designs.

So, we have shortlisted 6 logo maker tools that are easy to use, provide a high quality of designs and extensive range of download formats, and offer many customization options. So, here are our top picks.

1. Adobe Illustrator

Launched in 1985, Adobe Illustrator continues to be the most popular vector editing tool in the market, allowing designers to create images that they can scale to any size. With different shape-building tools, brushes, gradients, and perspective grids, it gives you full control over every aspect of logo design.

If you’ve sketched some ideas on the paper but don’t want to start from scratch on the computer, then Adobe Illustrator is for you. Its ability to import a scanned picture is its most recognized feature and you can lay geometric shapes over the drawing and manipulate them with ease.

It provides users with more than 16,000 font types and the option to choose between Pantone or CMYK palettes for accurate colour matching. Since Adobe Illustrator is vector-based, images don’t get pixelated when enlarged.

Adobe Illustrator is compatible with Mac and Windows computers and you can purchase it for a subscription price of $31.49 every month, which comes with a 30-day free trial, free updates, and 100 GB of cloud storage.

2. Designhill

Designhill, which began as a design crowdsourcing platform in 2014, has grown into a community of more than 125,000 graphic designers from almost 52 countries.

Its unique AI-powered tool helps anybody create the most professional looking logos, without requiring any skills at all.

Using Designhill is quite easy. All you have to do is enter your business name, the logo style, and the colour palette. You will then be able to see hundreds and thousands of design options that you can preview on t-shirts, business cards, signboards and much more.

You can also edit any part of the template that Designhill creates, including the fonts and colours. You can spend as much time as you need to create logos and the process will cost you nothing.

Once you have found the design of your choice, you can download a basic low-resolution file for $20 to use online. If you want more features, you can go for a premium subscription of $65, which will not only provide you with a high-resolution logo, but also with transparent backgrounds, vector graphic files, and phone support.

3. Canva

Canva is probably one of the best drag-and-drop graphic design tools for beginners. It was created in 2012 to assist users with social media images, presentations, and posters.

Canva is backed by an easy-to-use interface. To get started, you need to enter your business name, business type, and pick five template designs of your choice. Canva will then use all that information to automatically create a sample logo.

You can rearrange elements, including icons, fonts, or imported graphics with a drag-and-drop editor. Also, you can choose from hundreds and thousands of free images, icons, and illustrations.

One of the reasons why Canva is so popular amongst beginners is that it gives them a head start with its professionally designed templates that use a combination of colours and fonts that look aesthetically beautiful.

You can use Canva for free on any web browser. If you want additional features, you need to pay only $1 for premium graphic elements, which can be replaced by suitable free versions, as and when required.

4. Tailor Brands

Founded in 2014, Tailor Brands can help anyone create a distinct identity for their brand and take their business off the ground. With over 14 million users across the globe and 500 million created designs, Tailor Brands has an established user base.

Tailor Brands is somewhat similar to Designhill. To use it, you only need to enter your business name and specify your design preferences. And Viola! The software will present you with various designs that you can choose from.

After the logo has been created, the software’s AI makes sure that any branding asset is so designed that it includes the logo and is in line with the overall brand and style. You can change the colour, font, and size of any element that you want and download the final logo as a high-quality vector file.

Also, Tailor Brands has numerous other branding services to offer from business cards and pitch decks to presentations and social media posts.

While you can use Tailor Brands’ low-resolution graphic for free, paid subscriptions start at $3.99.

5. Hatchful

Hatchful is a free logo design software from the popular ecommerce platform, Shopify. If you are a beginner, Hatchful is for you. You can choose from Hatchful’s hundreds of templates to create a professional logo that gives your brand the distinct identity that you’re looking for.

Like most other tools on this list, you will need to enter your business name, business type, and mention where you will be using the logo. By leveraging AI, Hatchful will then come up with hundreds of logo variations in the chosen style. You can obviously make changes to the colour and font of any design.

Hatchful is completely free and every downloadable logo package will have images of different resolutions so that you can use them wherever you want. However, if you want premium logo templates, go for a paid subscription that starts at $8.99.

6. LogoAi

LogoAi is a simple logo design software that uses AI to create logos. Backed by a friendly user interface and hundreds of designs at its disposal, LogoAi makes for an amazing logo maker tool that can be used even by people who don’t possess adequate designing skills.

Designing a logo using this software is quite simple and straightforward. After you have signed up on this platform, you need to put in your business name, company slogan and choose a symbol that you think would be most reflective of the idea behind your company. You can make changes to your logo after it is created.

While creating logos on LogoAi is free, if you try downloading it, you will be asked to purchase a membership, which starts at $29.

So, Which One’s Your Pick?

You should consider both quality and ease-of-use when deciding your logo designing tool. While LogoAi, Canva and Hatchful can work wonders for beginners with little to no artistic skills, Tailor Brands and Designhill can come in handy for designers with substantial experience. However, if you believe your designing skills are second to none, go for a more sophisticated software like Adobe Illustrator that can help your logo stand out from the rest with its additional features.



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