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6 PPC Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

There are many reasons why the upward trend of Google’s AdWords just can’t stop. Certainly, eCommerce has rapidly expanded online, but several other factors contribute to this growth, including the effective implementation of advanced conversion technologies, shopping on a mobile device, and the proliferation of programmatic advertising, which allows websites to sell more inventory.

Pay per Click (PPC) has been a core part of digital marketing for 15 years. In that time, PPC has grown to be a huge contributor to the bottom line of many companies. As Google continues to refine its algorithms and makes updates, paid search marketers and website owners need to be aware of the changes and trends affecting their sales. In this blog, you’ll learn six PPC trends to watch in 2022.

Let’s dive into the details!

PPC Automation

The total market size of automation will increase to 83.2% by 2022 - which will also affect PPC – and is likely to become more widespread and effective at managing budgets. Honestly, they are notoriously difficult to manage manually, and there are many reasons why a marketer will go for automation. The best advantage is that it will help manage budgets more effectively.

You can run one campaign and keep track of all the metrics associated with it in order to make changes to optimize performance. Another major benefit of automating PPC is that you no longer need to worry about bidding on keywords, choosing the most competitive keywords for each ad group, or monitoring the performance of your campaign daily.

PPC Campaigns for Voice Search

By 2022, voice commerce sales will reach $40 billion, which depicts the opportunities that lie for a PPC marketer. Voice search is now becoming as common as text-based search, as customers use voice technology to seek information about products and services. Google reports that 27% of the people having access to the internet use voice search on mobile.

As a result, marketers need to change the way they create PPC campaigns and develop ads and landing pages based on their effectiveness with these devices. It might be necessary to optimize them for the best performance across text and voice search results.

The Significance of Video Ads will Grow

People remember a video message up to 95% more than a text message. Video ads are already widely used by marketers to increase their brand awareness.

In the next few years, PPC marketers will find more effective ways to incorporate video ads into campaigns and measure their performance as a result. The results should bring about increased ROI, leading to higher quality scores for those using keywords with high bids.

Improvements in Lead Tracking Software to Boost ROI

Smart use of automation will improve campaign performance and ROI by not only bidding for keywords but also by collecting relevant data about users, making personalized offers based on user information, and closing deals faster.

With an improved lead tracking system, businesses can determine how many leads have converted into sales. Also, the reports will give you a closer insight into what your customers want.

Keyword Matching Strategies

PPC will also be likely to start taking into account the searcher’s context, which means that it may not show ads for certain queries even when they match keywords in your campaigns. Also, the broad match modifier has been removed recently by Google, and the other match types have seen modifications.

Advertisements with campaigns still using the “old” version of keyword organization that will require a complete keyword strategy reboot are numerous. Some of the changes will reduce the account structure complexity, allowing for more adaptability in terms of themes.

Expect More Competition on Admob

By 2022, mobile apps are anticipated to generate $581 billion in sales through paid downloads and in-app advertisements.

Hence, the competition on the AdMob platform is expected to become even more intense in 2022, especially for popular categories, because advertisers are willing to pay higher prices to get their ads displayed next to potential users.


As a marketer, it is important to stay up-to-date with all of the newest trends and changes in PPC. If you are not already aware of the upcoming trends or accommodate them into your campaigns, you will likely lose to your competitors.

In 2022, we will see a continued shift towards targeted marketing, which is evident in the PPC trends mentioned above. For this, advertisers will need to assess the results of their campaigns carefully, look for new opportunities, and optimize their accounts more frequently.


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