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8 CNY 2022 Ads That Will Leave You Hopeful & Teary-Eyed at the Same Time

The Chinese New Year is finally here! And so are some of the most mind-blowing CNY ads from different brands. So, we decided to bring to you some of the most amazing ads this Chinese New Year. We don’t seem to get enough of this, right? But it’s the CHINESE NEW YEAR!

If you share our enthusiasm for CNY ads, read ahead! Needless to say, keep the tissues handy; just in case!

1. RHB Bank

RHB Bank’s 2022 CNY ad is inspired by a true story in which ten children in Teluk Intan, Perak, took upon themselves the responsibility to clean up their fishing village when they faced a waste management crisis.

The ad highlights how children in today’s day and age are mindful of both their as well as others’ actions and tend to question everything. The ad showcases how one small act can create a big positive impact.

2. McDonald’s

McDonald’s 2022 CNY ad depicts a touching story of a girl whose mother used to cut a dope hairstyle for her every Chinese New Year. Each of these hairstyles used to be even more striking than the previous year. But after she gets teased by a few young boys for her unique hairdo, she doesn’t let her mom cut her hair again.

As time passed, the girl starts to reminisce about the good old days, especially when she sees others donning her mother’s hairstyle. She feels left out and requests her mother to give her one of those magical haircuts from the past again.

The ad drives home the message that family traditions are of great significance and one must not let go of them based on what others think. They are what bring every family together.

3. Singtel

The Singapore-based telecom company, Singtel, has come up with an excellent 2022 CNY ad that carries on the theme of family and community bonding from its last two editions.

The film showcases two families that are always fighting amongst themselves. They go to Sentosa island for a vacation where they participate in the treasure hunt. Asked to find the lucky tiger to win the treasure hunt, the Angs have one of their children missing. In these testing times, the Huangs come to their assistance.

Both families come together to find the young boy. They put aside their differences in times of need. The Angs who end up winning the contest, embrace the Huangs as their own, thereby, highlighting the spirit of the new year.

4. Maxis

Maxis 2022 CNY ad, Make Our Luck, is both entertaining and endearing and has already fetched over 1,400,000 views since it was uploaded on 24th January.

The ad features an adorable grandfather-grandson due. Due to the Malaysian Government’s Movement Control Order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the grandfather isn’t receiving too many guests at his homestay. Eager to drive more guests to his homestay, the old man puts his everything into decorating his homestay. Meanwhile, the grandson does his bit to help his grandfather.

The ad highlights that while individual efforts may be good, they deliver the best results when united.

5. Sunway Group

Sunway Group’s 2022 CNY ad is inspired by the true story of Yvonne who used to spend her time helping out the community in old folks home near her house. This also included growing healthy and pesticide-free vegetables. However, one of the residents, Uncle Tan, seemed very uninterested in participating in any activity and usually kept to himself.

However, Yvonne, through repeated efforts, convinces Uncle Tan to participate in growing vegetables. When the harvesting time finally arrives, Uncle Tan is elated to see the fruits of his hard work. The ad re-emphasizes the idea of coming together and collaborating, which is the spirit of the Chinese New Year.

6. Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), Singapore

Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) collaborated with Grey Singapore to launch a light-hearted film for the Chinese New Year 2022. The film depicts how Singaporeans are slowly adapting to the uncertainties and challenges caused by the pandemic.

As there were limits on visitations, many families had to get past “social landmines” while prioritizing their guests. By giving viewers a glimpse into the perspective of families planning their visitor list, the ad highlights the resilience of families and how they have adapted themselves to these extraordinary times as a unit.

This year too the story of homecoming holds true.

7. Apple

We aren’t sure if Apple’s 2022 CNY video can really qualify as an ad due to its length, but it kept us hooked anyway. The ad is centralized around a young man who wants to become a movie director but instead works as a stunt double. Like millions of Chinese people who return home every year, he goes back to his home for the holiday. The villagers back home want to create a movie of their own and convince him to help them.

The story is in line with the central theme of Chinese New Year celebrations i.e. homecoming. This is especially true in China’s context where thousands of young professionals in modern China return to their native villages every year to celebrate the new year with their families.

8. Mr. DIY

The last one on this list perfectly sums up the spirit of the Chinese New Year. The ad showcases three Malaysians from different religious ethnic, and professional backgrounds closing their shops for the Chinese New Year. As it turns out, they’re all headed to their hometown to meet their foster mother.

The ad well illustrates that you don’t have to be biologically related to someone for them to be your family; it’s the emotional attachment within a relationship that counts. The bond we share with each other is what makes us family.

Wrapping Up

2022 CNY ads mostly revolved around the ideas of family, brotherhood, and togetherness, and rightly so! After all, that is what the Chinese New Year is all about. We hope this year will bring joy and prosperity to all of us.

We wish you a very happy Chinese New Year, cheers!

With Valentine’s week just a few days from now, stay tuned for some of the loveliest Valentine’s Day ads by brands from the last decade. Cheerio, see you tomorrow!

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