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Beginner’s Strategy for Launching Influencer Marketing

In today's digital-first economy, brands must adapt their marketing strategies to reach customers beyond traditional print and television media. In this digital landscape, it has become crucial for brands to leverage the power of online personalities to communicate their message effectively and persuade their desired audience to take action. Marketing through online influencers has become incredibly effective due to their ability to interact with and influence a large audience through social media.

Using influencer marketing, brands and agencies can tap into social media influencers' immense potential and broad audience to effectively promote a specific brand, product, or service. This marketing method has proven to be an effective strategy for reaching a wider audience that may not have been accessible through traditional advertising channels like print and television.

How H&M Achieved Explosive Growth Through Influencer Marketing

A notable instance of effective influencer marketing occurred when H&M collaborated with renowned online influencer and model Kendall Jenner for their 2017 spring fashion campaign. H&M's campaign created a significant online buzz, effectively targeting Jenner's youthful followers with a unique advertising approach. Utilizing social media proved to be an effective way to connect with Jenner's fans, who may have yet to be reached through traditional print and television ads, allowing for the opportunity to engage with a younger demographic of consumers.

Influencer Marketing Strategy
Influencer Marketing Strategy

Are you curious about the potential of influencer advertising to elevate your brand? Here are some essential steps to begin your journey into influence marketing:

1. Establish Your Influencer Marketing Objectives

Like any marketing strategy, starting with a clear vision of the desired outcome is essential. Before attempting to engage with an influencer, it's necessary to consider your objectives for this marketing strategy. If you have a clear objective, selecting the ideal influencer to collaborate with your brand becomes easier. Whether you aim to enhance brand recognition, improve reputation, or drive product promotion, understanding your goal is crucial.

2. Conduct Thorough Research and Develop a Comprehensive Influencer Profile

Now, it's essential to determine the specific kind of influencer that would be the best fit for your brand. Take the time to research potential influencers in your industry or niche thoroughly. Numbers such as follower count, type of content, engagement level, and posting frequency are essential factors to consider.

3. Develop Marketing Campaign Profile

Creating a profile for your influencer marketing campaign is essential. Please provide details about the objective of this partnership, the specific promotional activities involved (such as product placement or mentions), and any guidelines regarding the content of posts related to the brand. To avoid unnecessary headaches, you must be prepared for any unexpected issues that may arise with your influencer partnership.

4. Collaborate With an Influential Figure and Request their Assistance in Promoting Your Brand

Now that you've determined the kind of influencer you're looking for, it's time to start your search! If you're looking to find the perfect influencer for your advertising goals, online tools like Buzzsumo, Followerwonk, and LinkedIn can be incredibly helpful.

Utilizing influencer marketing platforms can be a valuable tool for discovering fresh influencers. These platforms allow you to search for potential partners based on their location and specific demographic interests.

When you've identified a potential influencer partner, reach out to them about your advertising project and be ready to present an enticing package for their consideration. For instance, how would you compensate them - in cash, free products, or a mix of both? Establishing these expectations in advance is crucial, as numerous influencers may seek to discuss terms before finalizing a contract.

5. Execute Your Campaign and Evaluate the Outcomes

After you've chosen an influencer for your influencer marketing strategy, it's time to kickstart your campaign! But how can you ensure the effectiveness of influencer marketing for your business? Our comprehensive guide on influencer marketing is here to assist you.

Tracking the social media following and engagement of influencers after they've been exposed to your brand is crucial in evaluating the effectiveness of your campaign. When there is a noticeable increase in followers or likes on their posts, it indicates that the campaign is yielding positive results!

Furthermore, it is crucial to track and analyze essential metrics like website traffic, online sales, and other relevant measurements directly influenced by your influencer campaign. If you discover that the campaign is performing admirably, it might be beneficial to persist with your influencer marketing efforts alongside the current influencer—or explore the possibility of engaging additional influencers!


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