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AdCreative AI Review: AI-powered Creative Design - What Is the Catch?

As a marketer, it is almost impossible not to see that creative AI has raised the bar for creative advertising. With just a few clicks, you can generate optimized ads based on user data in minutes if not seconds. And thanks to a myriad of competent marketing tools available today, you can not only develop multiple variations of those ads but also test them out in real-time.

In this review, let’s turn the spotlight on Adcreative AI - a tool for generating ad creatives with AI. We will explore its features and functionalities, advantages, shortcomings, pricing, and more - but only after a brief introduction of it. Are you ready?

What is AdCreative AI?

AdCreative AI is a popular AI-powered tool that can generate ad creatives for advertisers. The platform has an elegant and sleek design that is not only user-friendly but also attractive. Plus, it has a dark mode - maybe not the best feature but perfect for night owls.

Another thing about Adcreative AI is that it employs a data-driven approach when generating creatives for ads or social media posts, which makes sense for higher conversion rates. There is support for A/B testing and other key features that we will look at next.

Ad Creative Generation

Designing ad creatives with Adcreative AI is quite straightforward. Simply start by uploading your logo, selecting three colors, and adding a short brand description. Next choose a format (vertical, landscape, leaderboard, etc.), select a target audience, write your headlines, upload a background image, and hit “Generate Ad Creatives.” If you don’t have a background image, you can choose one from AdCreative’s Image Search Engine. It has a comprehensive library of 30M+ stock images.

For beginners, templates are a great place to start. All the AdCreative templates are customizable and tailored to specific platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.

Text Generator AI

Sure, to create an ad with AdCreative AI, you need some headlines. But you don’t have to write them yourself if you don’t want to. Just use the built-in Text Generator AI. This tool automatically offers you some headline recommendations.

Besides, you can use Text Generator AI to create captions for social media posts across multiple channels including LinkedIn and Pinterest - not to mention the multi-language support it offers.

Ad Testing and Optimization

Using AI algorithms trained on huge chunks of data, AdCreative AI has a significant advantage - ad optimization. The platform has recently introduced a feature that allows you to explore a large library of successful ads sorted by various business categories. This is perfect for optimizing your ad campaign based on the knowledge of what already works.

On top of that, AdCreative AI gives your final ad a score in terms of conversion and engagement. So it is in your best interest to pick the creatives with a higher score. But wait! There is plenty more to this platform.

You already know that its AI-based algorithm constantly monitors and analyzes an ad on audience engagement. Well, it then automatically adjusts a bunch of elements, for example, audience targeting and ad copy, to ensure that your ad is reaching the most relevant audience and performing better.

Creative Insights

When running an ad campaign, it becomes vital to track your progress and see what changes to make and when to make, saving you time and resources. And this is where ‘Creative Insights’ comes in. This feature analyzes all your ad creatives and creates over 80 data points for each.

Often ad platforms fail to simply convey which of your ad creatives are most successful - putting you at a disadvantage in terms of designing more high-performing creatives. AdCreative AI allows you to quickly connect all your ad accounts including Facebook Ads and Google Ads. It then analyzes all your ads to give real-time AI insights such as top creative sizes, best-performing colors, and CTR scores and suggests improvement ideas - with your comprehensive PDF report one click away.

Also, if you don’t already know, your ad creatives undergo fatigue over time (depending on your budget and audience size). With AdCreative AI’s insights, you can know exactly when to renew those ad creatives to ensure that you don’t just wait for them to start giving you consistently poor results.

Competitor Insights

In marketing, keeping tabs on your competitors is just as important. AdCreative’s ‘Competitor Insights’ feature lets you uncover your competitors’ secrets by analyzing their best-performing ads. It tracks them across all platforms and brings you key insights into their traffic sources, customer demographics, and more.

On top of that, its AI algorithm closely observes their website’s visitor counts, page visits, bounce rates, average visit durations, most visited pages, and even how their customers are accessing the website (desktop or mobile). This feature also works on their global traffic, which is quite handy if you are interested in expanding your business overseas.


Besides integration with ad platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, AdCreative AI integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, a reliable tool for marketers.

AdCreative AI also has a Google Chrome extension specifically for picking colors, which is free. This extension is called “Color Picker by AdCreative AI.’ It allows you to scan and get the hex code of any color you like on any website. With that hex code, you can bring that exact color to your creatives or add it to your color palette for future use. And hey, you can also integrate AdCreative AI with ADYOUNEED and Zapier.


It goes without saying that any marketing thrives on hassle-free collaboration. Well, AdCreative AI also has some built-in collaborative features, which can be perfect for mid-sized teams. This platform lets you team up with up to 25 users and design creatives with a main account. All the team members can work on the same creative simultaneously and it gets updated across all devices in real-time.


When it comes to pricing, AdCreative AI offers flexibility. There are three major plans - Startup Plans, Professional Plans, and Agency Plans. All three of these further have three sub-plans - Starter, Premium, Ultimate, and Custom (Scale-up in the case of Startup Plans).

For startups, the sub-plans are - $29, $59, $99, and $149 per month. But at the time of sign-up, you can use the code FIRSTYEAR25 to enjoy 25% off. Also, if you buy a plan for a whole year, you get 2 months free. There is a 7-day free trial as well if you are interested in trying out the platform before making a purchase. For detailed pricing of Professional and Agency Plans, make sure to visit the official AdCreative website.

Final Verdict

There is so much to admire about AdCreative AI, especially ad optimization, creative insights, and competitor insights. It is easy to get started with - thanks to its simple, sleek design and tons of templates. But here is the catch - it can be pricey if you are a startup. I mean, paying $29 a month so you can download and use only 10 of your creatives is kind of unreasonable. Now double this amount if you have a team of two professionals.

So, at the end of the day, it comes down to whether you can afford it. If you are still unsure if this platform is for you, maybe taking advantage of the 7-day free trial can help you reach an informed decision.

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