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AI-Wordsmith Review: Does It Hold Up In The Generative AI Race?

With the growing popularity of AI, we have witnessed the emergence of a plethora of AI-based tools in recent years - some good, some not so much. Whether it is automation, marketing, data analysis, research and development, security, customer service, or any day-to-day repetitive and mundane tasks, AI does make the job a lot easier and more efficient. Today, we are reviewing a tool that can be your AI writing assistant or maybe more than that. It is called AI-Wordsmith!

In this in-depth review, we will explore its features and functionalities, and see if it is worth an investment, especially next to other AI writing assistants like ChatGPT, Jasper, Grammarly, and Notion AI.

What is AI-Wordsmith?

AI-Wordsmith is a writing solution that uses generative AI and machine learning to quickly create a wide variety of content. The platform offers an array of tools, each designed to serve a different purpose in terms of creating content, be it SEO-friendly content, social media posts, art or images for your website, or code for your new product.

What puts AI-Wordsmith at an advantage is the other features it offers as part of the package - its capability to create voiceovers and convert speech to text. Let’s take a brief look at each of these components to better understand the platform.


The dashboard gives you an overview of your AI-Wordsmith account- the number of documents you have created, words generated, images created, code generated, and audio files transcribed. At the top, there are stats about your subscription plan as to how much access you have left before you hit the limit.

If you have added any templates or AI chat assistants to your favorites, they also appear on the dashboard. Lastly, there is a monthly calendar tracking your daily word generation.


This is where all your saved documents live. Against each document’s name, you can find its word count, language, when it was created, and the option to view or delete it. The “Documents” tab on the AI panel has separate sections for images, documents, voiceovers, codes, and transcripts.

When creating a new document, AI-Wordsmith requires you to choose what type of content you want its algorithm to generate such as articles, blog titles, LinkedIn posts, Facebook ads, email subject lines, etc. The list pretty much covers all forms of content imaginable, which is impressive.

Let’s say you want an article. The Article Generator prompts you to fill out some info - a title, focus keywords, the level of creativity (low to high), and the tone of voice (casual, excited, funny, witty, professional, sarcastic, or grumpy). And that is it! Once your article is generated, you can format it, save it, or even export it to a Word, Text, or PDF document.


Templates are always great for quickly getting started. Luckily, AI-Wordsmith makes sure you have a plethora of templates at your disposal. They are all designed for specific use cases. For example, if you need a Facebook ad, simply choose the “Facebook Ads” template. Besides, there are Clickbait Titles, Ad Headlines, Google Ad Titles, LinkedIn Ad Descriptions, Blog Sections, Blog Post Wizard, Pros and Cons, Grammar Checker, Business Ideas, and more. Some of them are even completely free.

All the content within AI-Wordsmith is generated by its machine learning algorithm so, essentially, these templates only differ in how you give your input. What is impressive about this platform is that it even has templates for creative fiction such as stories or plays.

Speech to Text

This is a handy feature to transcribe your audio files on the go. It can save tons of time and effort if you have to generate captions for your videos. To get started, simply browse or drag and drop your file into the given interface. There is support for multiple formats including .mp3, .mp4, .mpeg, and .wav. However, you have to make sure the file size does not exceed 25MB.

Also, you can add an optional description to help the AI, select the audio language, and choose if you want to transcribe the audio file or generate transcription in English.


Not everyone is comfortable recording voiceovers for their videos and this is where AI-generated voiceovers come in. AI-Wordsmith’s Voiceover Studio has over 20 unique AI voices in all the major languages. But it does not end there. There are a few more customization options. Well, you can choose how you want the voiceover to sound (characters, verbatim, telephone, bleep, cardinal, etc.). Further, you can select the volume of the voice (soft, medium, loud, etc.), its speed, its pitch, and even the length of pauses.

When it comes to exporting the generated voiceover, there are multiple supported formats available. And hey, if you are wondering whether the AI voices on this platform sound just like humans, then you may be a bit disappointed. But it does not mean they sound fake. The difference is almost indistinguishable - actually a lot better than most AI platforms.


If you are familiar with generative AI platforms like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, then you must already have an idea about what Photosmith is. It is a similar tool that uses AI to create imagery/art based on a given prompt. In fact, AI-Wordsmith does rely on DALL-E and Stable Diffusion for this feature - giving you the option to switch between the two, depending on your preference.

To generate an image right out of your mind, simply type in the phrases describing it and hit the ‘Generate’ button. You can also customize it. For example, you can select the resolution of the image, its style (such as abstract, cartoon, realism, photographic, origami, sketch, or more), lighting style (warm, cold, foggy, etc.), image medium (glass, ink, watercolor, etc.), mood, and artist.


This is another feature that you don’t see often in a generative AI platform. Chatsmith is designed to offer you AI support but it is tailored to specific use cases. Say, you need a motivational speaker to talk to. Well, Chatsmith has got Matt Tivate, an AI motivational coach that you can chat with to seek motivation and guidance.

On the AI-Wordsmith platform, there is a comprehensive list of AI chat assistants including travel guides, life coaches, screenwriters, job interviewers, financial analysts, personal trainers, storytellers, and even friends. If you can overlook weird names like Uma Turman or Kicks Buttler, this can be something interesting.


Gone are the days when you needed complex coding skills to build something. Thanks to AI code generators like Codesmith, you can create all sorts of code with just text commands.

Codesmith offers support for all major programming languages including Javascript, Python, PHP, Flutter, and Swift. Simply choose a language you want to write code in, specify what sort of function or piece of code you want, and hit ‘Generate Code.’


There are three pricing plans - Starter ($9.99/month), Standard ($19.99/month), and Professional ($59.99/month). The main difference here is the maximum number of words you can generate each month and at a time.

For example, on the Starter plan, you can generate up to 20k words per month and up to 1500 per document. Interestingly, all three plans offer unlimited chat assistants, projects, and documents.

Bottom Line

So, is AI-Wordsmith worth it? Well, it does a pretty good job and offers a lot of customization as to how you want your content to come out. Also, there are many additional features that come as part of the package including Photosmith, Chatsmith, Codesmith, Speech-to-Text, and Voiceovers - which you will miss out on if you choose to go with Grammarly, Notion AI, ChatGPT 4, or even Jasper AI. And the pricing is also comparable (cheaper than Jasper), making AI-Wordsmith a definitely better option.

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