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Best 2020 Ramadan Campaigns from the APAC region

Ramadan is the best month for APAC marketers to flex their creative muscles. With nearly 2/3rd of the world’s Muslim population living in these countries, the Islamic holy month is one of the most significant religious and cultural occasions in the region. From a commercial perspective also, it’s a big deal for APAC marketers. Let’s see how creative have the brands been this year with their Ramadan campaigns during the pandemic COVID-19.

Here’s a list of the best Ramadan 2020 Brand campaigns in the APAC region that caught our attention:

1. Surf Excel Pakistan

Surf Excel has yet again made a come back with a wonderful campaign and an inspiring outlook. The campaign #NekiNahinRukegi is the perfect example of where there is a will, there is a way to be generous.

2. Axis Indonesia

Themed kompak walau berjarak (united in separation), Axis had to redo this campaign because of the prevailing market conditions. While the virus has swept across these markets, marketers have had to think on their feet to stay relevant. Ramadan can be a journey full of changes in consumer behaviour and that’s what Axis Indonesia has successfully targeted in this campaign.

3. KFC Malaysia

KFC has taken a markedly different path in Malaysia. It has gone from running campaigns to attract throngs of diners, to devising the #kepci plan on social media to keep its home-bound customers supplied with an assortment of easy recipes. We’re also open for Takeaway & Drive-Thru.

4. Grab Indonesia

Its new campaign, conceptualised and shot in a matter of days with a tagline Grab Siap Antar Ramadanmu (Your Ramadan, delivered by Grab frontliners), is a stay at home music video shot entirely at artistes' homes, using DIY props, puppets and miniature cardboard sets, with lyrics and music composed by employees.

5. Air Asia

Air Asia has launched “Give With Ikhlas,” a public digital donation initiative that offers a platform for individuals or organisations to meet their charitable obligations during Ramadan. This donation initiative is carried out in collaboration with charity organisation Yayasan Amanah Assofwah Almalikiyyah, which will use the funds to feed the less fortunate and frontliners whilst supporting local businesses during Ramadan. This campaign started from 20 April until 22 May 2020.

6. Tehbotol Sosro

Beverage company Tehbotol Sosro has launched its Ramadan campaign titled "Memberi Kebahagiaan adalah Kebahagiaan" (To deliver happiness is happiness). The campaign conveys gratitude for frontline workers like healthcare workers, delivery couriers, supermarket cashiers, and social workers.

Done in collaboration with local creative agency Flock Creative Network, the ad is captioned as "This time, Ramadan feels different. However, when a meeting is not an option, there are those at the forefront, willingly connecting ties. Whatever they do, they all know that giving happiness is happiness. Let's share the goodness in Ramadan."

7. Sun pharmaceutical's Revital H

Sun pharmaceutical's Revital H has launched a video campaign 'Iftar ki Thali' on the occasion of Ramadan. Under this initiative, people are invited to prepare their Iftar ki thali virtually and donate. Taking the situation of the poor into consideration, the pharmacy brand took a step forward to feed poor kids on the pious duration of Ramadan. On every plate donated, Revital H will also contribute one plate from its side, the company said.

8. Ooredoo Qatar

In a world where we’re forced apart, Ooredoo Qatar is here to bring you an Ooredoo Ramadan story. Filmed at home with mobile phones in 11 countries, this campaign perfectly conveys the fact that if we can’t be together, at least we can still be close. #Ramadan Kareem!

9. Twitter

Twitter launches ‘Heroes of Good’ campaign to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan (Heroes of Good), a Ramadan campaign centred around celebrating people who have spread hope through their acts of kindness. Launched recently, the campaign which will run until the 20th of May encourages people to either nominate their Ramadan hero, an individual who has gone the extra mile during this month or reshare positive stories that have made this Ramadan memorable, especially given the circumstances.

10. UN

UN urges people to donate zakat to help refugees during Covid-19 pandemic. There is a dire need for funds to protect vulnerable populations who are already facing the crisis. Houssam Chahine, the UNHCR’s head of private-sector partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa, said the pandemic has left tens of millions of refugees across the world more exposed than ever.

The appeal has urged people to help ease the plight by making donations through the Refugee Zakat Fund or offering financial aid through its website. People who wish to support the campaign can do so on or

11. Hyundai UAE

Welcoming the Holy Month of Ramadan and reflecting its values of giving, Juma Al Majid Establishment, the exclusive distributor of Hyundai in the UAE, is offering amazing benefits and deals on all Hyundai car models, including the all-new Palisade as well as the Ioniq Hybrid.

12. Jam-e-Shirin

Neki Ki Mithas Jam-e-Shirin Kay Sath perfectly captures the essence of the holy festival of Ramdan. The #QarshiJameShirin campaign focuses on the joy of giving and celebrating it with Jam-e-Shirin.

13. Pizza Hut Malaysia

Pizza Hut has launched the Terangi Ramadan campaign that gives Malaysians the opportunity to donate RM0.50 with every Pizza Hut meal purchased via its official website and app. The collated sum will be matched 1-for-1 by Pizza Hut, as part of its commitment to pay it forward and contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

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