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Best Father's Day Brand Campaigns in the APAC Region

Mother’s Day is over; it is now time to think about the dads, grandpas, fathers-in-law, uncles, and so of your community. Although Father’s Day doesn’t have the same impact as Mother’s Day, but it is still a golden opportunity for advertisers as things are slowly starting to get back to normal, as many restaurants and businesses are reopening after being shuttered for months due to COVID-19.

Here are some of the most iconic Father's Day Brand Campaigns over the recent years from the APAC region, to remind you how you can make your dad feel all the more special on Father’s Day 2020.

The most loved brand campaigns that have enlightened Father’s Day for many

1. SBI Life, India (2019)

SBI Life came up with a creative campaign for Father's Day 2019 in music video format. The video featured singer Shaan and used the hashtag #PappHainNa. The campaign video showcased the different personality traits that a father can have and encouraged fathers to find their own.

For this purpose, they launched an interactive microsite where you can find out your personalized "Papa Formula". This could then be downloaded in the form of a music video.

2. Anmum, Singapore (2016)

The #AnmumandDad campaign was created from Anmum by BBDO Singapore. It was run during Father’s Day in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The campaign focused on the gentle, nurturing nature of dads.

This was done through a series of videos that had voiceovers that focused on the many dads in the animal kingdom. Amongst them were the penguins, frogs, and jackal dads.

3. MetLife, Hong Kong (2015)

The insurance company’s "My Dad is a Liar" video during Father's Day was a viral sensation! Some of the best campaigns in the world are those that move you, and that is exactly what this campaign manages to do. The MetLife, Hong Kong campaign, focuses on a single dad who tries to shield his daughter from the brutalities of the world.

4. Berna’s, Malaysia (2012)

The Malaysian paddy producers came up with an extremely thoughtful message about the importance of a father-son relationship. This is not a Father's Day video but it's a good time to watch it.The video focuses on the son leaving his home after a fight with his father. He is then confined to a wheelchair due to a work accident, which makes the son and father grow closer as they overcome the challenge.

5. Toyota, Japan (2015)

Toyota in Japan released a moving Father's Day video, which went viral and now has over 7 million views. The car brand portrayed the different perspectives of the father and daughter as the daughter grows up. The video is a tribute to fathers and how love works its magic.

6. Thai Life Insurance, Thailand (2011)

Thai Life Insurance probably released the most impactful Father’s Day video for their campaign in 2011. The video shows a deaf father and how his daughter comes to value him after perceiving him as a liability for her entire life.

7. News Hub, New Zealand (2017)

This completely accidental recording received over 4 million views and gave one of New Zealand’s news a great Father’s Day. The video is a hilarious animation of a call regarding the Father’s Day contest that was held by the agency.

8. McDonald's, The Philippines (2017)

McDonald's, in collaboration with Leo Burnett Manila, created an ad focused on fathers from a variety of backgrounds waiting for their children. Each of the fathers was holding a McCafé item, and the video was titled "Wait Lang Po." This means patience as a personality trait that most fathers have or have to have when it comes to their children.

9. BNP Paribas TCB Life, Taiwan (2013)

In another Father's Day video campaign, the main focus of BNP Paribas TCB Life was to play with the viewers' emotions. The ad captures the life of a single father who later falls victim to Alzheimer’s.

These 9 campaigns bring out the essence and emotions of Father’s Day better. The little things that these brands picked are a perfect way to connect with their audience. Let’s see what campaigns brands in the APAC region are launching for the upcoming Father's Day 2020.


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