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Digital Outlook 2020 - 3 Key Learnings from China!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

ClickInsights recently organised Digital Outlook 2020, an event to help marketers spot early trends that will help inspire, sharpen business plans and overall performance for the year. We asked Alice Yu Yuebo, Digital Engagement Lead at Prudential, who presented on Marketing in China, to share 3 key things marketers can learn from China for 2020.


  1. Empathy - It is about tapping into the culture, social issues and topics that your customers care about to create value for them. You can consider using commonly known IPs that your audience is already familiar with to create that connection.

  2. Speed - Marketing in China values practicality over aesthetics. Accessibility of obtaining information is more important than how beautiful a campaign is.

  3. Connectivity - Super apps such as Wechat not only allow customer journeys to be seamless, it also allows the silos in organisations to be broken down and the ability to create better experiences for the customers.

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