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Headlime Review: Is This Copywriting Genie Worth Your Money?

Ad copies are the first point of contact between a brand and its audience. In a competitive market, a well-crafted ad copy can help differentiate you from your competitors. But the problem is writing a good one often requires time and team effort. 

In this post, we are reviewing Headlime - a tool that uses AI and machine learning to automatically generate well-crafted ad copies for your business. As many of you may not be familiar with the name, we will start with a quick introduction and then navigate through its features, functionalities, pricing, etc. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

What is Headlime?

Headlime is an AI-backed copywriting tool used by over a thousand brands including Business Insider, Havas Media, Big Commerce, and Chordify. For now, the platform offers support for over ten languages. It uses AI to analyze existing ad copies and create new ones based on patterns and language structures that tend to perform well. 

An impressive thing about Headlime is its versatility as it can generate copies for Facebook ads, headlines, Facebook link descriptions, taglines, and website sub-headlines. But that is not the end of it. So, let’s take a closer look at what else you can do within the Headlime environment. 

Marketing Copy

When it comes to generating a copy for marketing, Headlime works like a charm. With Headlime, you can create engaging text for various purposes, including advertisements, headlines, social media posts, and more. The process is incredibly user-friendly: just input a short prompt or description of what you need, and Headlime's AI algorithms get to work, crafting polished, conversion-focused copy in seconds.

By leveraging sophisticated natural language processing techniques, Headlime ensures that each piece of generated text is not only grammatically correct but also highly persuasive and tailored to the target audience. Moreover, it helps businesses save time and resources by eliminating the need for manual brainstorming and drafting. 

AI Blog Editor

Staring at a blinking cursor on a blank page can be overwhelming. Well, Headlime comes with a built-in AI blog editor. It not only helps you write in any language you need but also ensures your words are full of confidence and free of pesky grammar errors. If you hit a roadblock mid-sentence, Headlime's got your back. It asks you a few questions about your topic and guides you back on track. And if you're really stuck, it can even take over and craft the next lines for you. 

Once you've polished your work, exporting is a breeze. Whether you prefer PDF, Word, or plain old TXT, Headlime's got the format covered. Then, with a click, your words are out in the world, ready to be consumed by your audience. And if you are concerned about originality, don’t fret. Headlime guarantees 100% unique content that passes any plagiarism checker. 

AI Landing Page Builder

With Headlime’s AI algorithms at your disposal, you can also create personalized landing pages effortlessly. All you need to do is give it a quick rundown of your product in twenty words, and it will whip up the perfect design templates tailored to your requirements. In fact, you don’t even have to think of copy, design, or code.

Also, these templates come with a drag-and-drop functionality and are easy to use. Once created, you can download your customizable landing page as an HTML file for integration into your website. 

And here's the best part: every element on your page is optimized for conversions by AI, ensuring maximum engagement and results.

Pre-designed Templates

Headlime offers thousands of professional copy templates that you can use right away. Whether you need copy for your website, marketing materials, or email campaigns, you can find templates that suit your needs. 

What's great is that Headlime's database of marketing copy is always growing, so you'll never run out of options. With over 1700 carefully crafted copy scripts, you have plenty of material to work with. And the best part? You can customize these templates to fit your business perfectly. In fact, you can also create your own templates - with your content and variables. Impressive, right? 


When working in a team, there's the headache of keeping everything organized and up-to-date. With Headlime, You can easily collaborate with your team, share, and reuse copy snippets – which is a lifesaver when you're knee-deep in projects. Plus, it's not just for your business; you can manage copy for your clients too, keeping everything nice and tidy.

Besides, you can create a digital library. It's where you can stash all your marketing copy, neatly organized and ready to be plucked out whenever you need it. So, no more rummaging through old emails or digging through folders. Oh, and here's the best part – it's not just about words. You can store all sorts of stuff, from brand guidelines to legal documents. 


Unlike most tools, Headlime offers simple pricing with only two plans - Individual ($59/mo) and Business ($399/mo with only 3 members). The Individual plan does have all the features but doesn't allow collaboration.

The Business plan, on the other hand, can be customized for teams, companies, and agencies - with full collaboration capability.  Also, there is no limit on the number of credits you receive monthly if you are on a Business plan. 

Final Thoughts

When considering everything, Headlime does alright. Sure, it offers some impressive features. But when you think about the pricing, it is kind of overpriced, especially for a Business plan. Plus, if you can afford to pay hundreds of dollars a month, you should be able to use GPT-4, not GPT-3. 

On the brighter side of things, you can try Headlime at no cost to you - not even a credit card is required.

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